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Article: April Blog

April Blog

It's June 4th, and I'm on a plane again, this time heading to Singapore en route to Thailand. I wanted to find time to write this much earlier, but April was one of the hardest months I've had in a very long time.

Unfortunately, what should have been a beautiful experience—a 10-day reset in darkness—turned into a nightmare due to mold, a consequence of long-term exposure after COVID-19. This triggered my Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV), a condition that I've managed since I was 18. Through biohacking, I’ve kept it inactive for a long time, but COVID-19 reactivated it, and it hit me hard. EBV has been a double-edged sword—both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, it's taught me a lot about my body and the importance of rest. On the other hand, it demands so much energy that it feels like I have two personalities: one that creates amazing businesses and runs companies, and one that completely burns out during reactivation.

The dark room has been my biggest help, offering profound rest and reflection. However, it also reminds me of my human vulnerabilities and the ongoing journey to figure life out.

Now, Let's Get into April:

Operating at about 10%, I navigated a whirlwind of events across the globe. From conferences and our own curated events to over 15 podcasts and countless interviews, I managed two companies while balancing time with my beautiful wife and children.

April began with seven days at our home in Alabama. It was a more balanced life, although it was packed with back-to-back meetings starting as early as 4 AM due to multiple time zones. Here's a glimpse of my Easter Monday schedule:

Reflecting on my booking calendar helps me remember where I was and what I was doing. It's why I'm so grateful for this blog, as it allows me to capture these memories.

Our first event of the month was in Nashville. It was our first time there, and we made it a road trip with my wife Fairy, Heather, and all of our kids. It was one of those events where everything that could go wrong did. Our DJ decks broke, we had no mic, and I ended up screaming over basic JBL speakers for five hours. When things keep going wrong, it's often a sign that a shift or minor adjustment is needed. The more aligned we are with our path, the more instant the feedback we receive from the universe is. This understanding led me to meditate and reflect on the patterns I needed to adjust. I simply asked myself, "What is working and what is not?" This inner guidance helps me navigate change, but we need to pause to hear it.

On April 11th, we headed to the Biomed Expo in LA where we delivered a series of lectures, immersive activations, and a conscious dance party. It was a magical week of interviews, podcasts, and deep connections with our team. We reunited with Dr. John and engaged in yoga, meditation, and breathwork at the beach.

Pictures from LA:


After LA, we went to Maui for Paul Selig’s retreat with the guides. His work has been pivotal in my life. I've been working with him for about ten years, helping in the early phases of spreading his message. Paul is a conscious channel who helps re-code our lives to the “upper room.” I highly recommend his books or his monthly live course. This retreat was also our time for monthly self-mastery, ensuring that we continue to grow and show up stronger. We did some magical things on Maui’s highest mountain, including welcoming the sunrise with sun gazing and human connection, culminating in our first-ever System Reset in Maui.

Pictures from Maui:

Returning to Scottsdale, we experienced incredible community support, selling out in just a few days. The people there are truly ready to go deep, allowing group coherence to reveal new insights.

Pictures from Scottsdale:

The last week of April was spent working from home, preparing for future events and conferences. It was a time to continue spreading the word, with over ten podcasts in just one week.

Despite the challenges, April turned out to be fantastic. My energy levels were low and the EBV was definitely kicking my butt, but what always keeps me going is the power of YOU—the people we unify with and the love we remember and share. Love is always within us and continues to flow when we return to our true essence.

Thank you so much for reading and for your support!

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