Dark Room Retreat - 4th time spending 10 days without food inside of "Yogi Cave"

I am out again and this time sitting on a plane to San Francisco. I made it with another massive deep journey through what truly is life on the inner realms of existence. If I said it was easy I would be foolish. It's funny how I have this part of me that I trained so well to accept what is, that I am sometimes afraid I don’t allow myself to feel “the hard” for what it was.

As part of me tends to forget how hard parts of my life truly have been that made me who I am today. Some of the hardest parts of this year’s Dark Room were not my emotions or body but my mind. I don't remember ever having such a loud monkey brain which at times scared me as was almost feeling like I am going to go insane (especially in long sleepless nights where all you are focused on is when the next group session is, which might be still 12 hours away). I truly believe it's been here for me for several months now, the integration with higher mind and our limited human mind.

This year I came in way more prepared than ever before. I haven’t drank alcohol for over 2 years, I did a series of cleanses, and enemas, ate super light diet mostly liquid with tons of organic greens and very rarely meat/fish but also mentally starting to feel like I am there already at the end of my Iboga Ceremony in South African past November. Now the part of being removed from physical food was actually very reasonable. I used to have dreams about “lamb chops” in the middle of the night and this time I was dreaming for being healed. Being healed on all levels of my existence so that way I can rise from the limitations on earth and step into who and what I am.

This year was about to “RISE” into being able to fully live my “WHY” on earth. I had spent last years in deep preparations for this 2.0 version to come which is integrated and not bound to duality. I received immense amount of inspiration for the book I have been promising myself to write for a long time. I kept on getting this urgent message that I truly have to and there was not one day that I wasn’t getting clear chapters, information about what's in the chapters purely pounded into my brain. Now I know what I have to do and that is being in series of earth to help in the transit to the next final Golden Age where we all come back to UNITY consciousness and let the fear go once and for all on our planet.

Other times I was practicing the coding and tools we have been gifted from the channeled meditations from Jasmuheen. I felt so much love and appreciation for someone that came to save me and give me a hand to go back on track of who I am today. We got such powerful codes and tools that I can’t wait to share and bring with me to the world.

Now something that you have to know about this Dark Rom as it's not “just” the darkness that makes this amazing but Jasmuheen. She is a living representation for divine love feminine energy showing the example of integrated spiritual being living a human experience. She has been source-fed (energy that gives us life when we are born and when we die - original source energy) for the last 30 years and completely lost the need for physical food. People that lost the hunger for physical food also lost the hunger for emotional pain, mental gain and spiritual disconnection which allows them to vibrate at a higher level outside of density self. This is natural progression and what is important to know is that source fed people eat all the time just different fuel from what we are used to. Also instead of eating for “calories” source fed people may still eat when they like but it's for pleasure allowing them to not be dependent on it.

This Dark Room is initiation for those that feel called to also tap into their infinite love field that nourishes us all. Now I know you might think this is impossible or crazy but this is all in our blueprint after we change the way we spend our time in this world and stop focusing on the “BUSY” nonsense rather step inside and live the greatest expressions ever help about yourself. Jasmuheen is someone that has been demonstrating this among others, about 220,000 people around the world. Now there is a big misconception about this and I will be bringing a lot of knowledge in all my upcoming sessions as I was able to understand it from my personal experience.

It's funny how each day is different. First couple days normally you detox but this time I was very much detoxed from body but OMG my mind. I kept on seeing the weirdest images of different people, things and one night I even woke up from a horrible nightmare where I could not tell what was a sleep and wasn’t due to the dark. I was so shocked as I saw dead bodies completely ripped apart everywhere. All this is our subconsciousness and I have to say I have been guilty of watching too many things consuming fear, pain and nonsense that then represents like this while it was to release from our mind. It was a big lesson that even if I watch educational stuff on Youtube, a lot of it is curiosity and crap. So I really have to feed my mind with healthy books, courses, only.

Every day I spent dancing on my own. It was the only thing that saved me the hardest moments when my mind would not stop and sometimes I had to go for 3 hours moving into a place of timeless light.

My routine each morning was to wake up anywhere between 1am-4am (some nights I had to only sleep about 2 hours as less you eat all that energy gets to come back to creativity) and then go into dark bath (yes I was smart this year there are only 2 rooms with bathtub and being a total spa enthusiast it was a savior). In the bathtub I would be doing Breathwork to oxygenate my body and center into more meditation. I also imagine being bathed in healing blue energy floating in “pure love” to restore my body. Now you can’t see anything so  you literally have to use your inner knowing to guide you throughout the place including what is shampoo VS conditioner :-) After about 20-40 minutes in water I would go back and start practicing a series of stretches, yoga, tai chi, gratitude & when I finally got my mind to agree that it is time to workout, I would start with sweating again. 

We started with 3 gatherings/day (guessed times): 

10am - Morning Meditation & Nourishment (sometime movement) 2-3 hour session. 

4pm - Sacred music - about 1 hour session and sometimes it was ecstatic dance. 

8pm - Evening Meditation & Nourishment (these were hardest for me to stay up as my body for some reason would like to go to nap then)


Many days I was laughing at myself, bringing this kid joyous energy!! Especially while dancing, getting so many downloads about my life, loved ones and ideas I want to realize going forward. I also was working a lot on forgiveness or better acceptance for those times I have hurt people. I am not a person that really holds grudges but I also found some very deep sexual trauma that happened to me when I was about 18 years old and I just kept it under the carpet.

Something very interesting clicked for me during our work with blue energy which brought a complete understanding of something I was wondering for a long time. 5 years ago I went into Dolores Cannon Quantum Healing Hypnosis where you get your messages directly from source energy and I was told that I am from planet Bluestar. Now I was like OK.... cool... but what do I do with this? lol Few months ago I went again to a different instructor and source energy told me that my main reason to be on earth at this time is to anchor blue energy. Now I was like OK interesting and cool.... but how does that make any sense? lol So then the first session we did in Thailand was about bringing blue energy of Divine Love which all of a sudden clicked for me! My mission is to bring more love to this world through where I am originally from. It made me cry and was so beautiful to see how 5 years in making until you understand one message this is something for anyone that is ready to resonate love in this world to take this mission ON!

Overall I told myself how privileged I am that I get to completely turn off. It was so long since I could do this and let me tell you I wish it for everyone. It is the most amazing thing you can do allowing everything in the world be secondary and YOU come first. In those times is when you realize who you are and want to be. We live limited life out in the world that is bounded to time but if we can take everyday time to simply listen to the silence we will be able to avoid many mistakes in our life and see what matters the most to you. 

We got it all wrong on the outside world. We became slaves to our minds that keep on running and ruining our life. We are giving into our mind to be progressively faster and faster while it keeps on running from task to task. STOP. Take the time for focus on your breath. Feel into your body. Relax your muscles and even if it takes 3 seconds multiple times a day you are bringing your power back to your essence. The divine powerful being of love! That has dreams that are meant to be lived. Families that are meant to be loved and bright life on earth we can create as ONE! 

Some of many things I have received:

  • Understanding of my purpose on earth and clear path to step into it.
  • Downloads and understanding for the book ahead of me. 
  • Read some great practical books to remind myself that if I own my time I own my life.
  • Star of David coding and meditation to bring to earth. 
  • Cacun meditation and how to copy paste it including around my house, car, self other for others connected and powered by sacred places on earth.
  • Deep love for Fairy and such understanding how to
  • Deep love for Fairy and such understanding how to be a better partner, how to adore her more and how to become an even greater example of divine love.
  • Deep love for my family, friends, all the people I meet and just consciously sending them gifts that I am receiving energetically.
  • Deep love for my family, friends, all the people I meet and just consciously sending them gifts that I am receiving energetically. 
  • Using Hawaiian Hooponnopono technique to think of the past people that I hurt and release it once and for all!
  • A deep connection to my higher self and clear conversations with the divine even feeling the presence of angels and other loving creatures.
  • I was able to understand what it truly means to be source fed and feel it on myself how you stay full. Even when I tried to drink juice it would feel like my body was not needing it.
  • I was working with people that I have hurt in the past out of my low awareness. (to most I sent messages directly after)