Dark Room DMT Trips, EMF Mitigation & Breathwork Awakenings w/ Pavel Stuchlik

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In this episode, we explore a range of topics guiding us towards self-reflection and transformation.

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In this episode, We hear about Pavel's daughter's dolphin birth experience and what inspired his journey into spiritual exploration. We discuss the breatharian approach to tapping into source energy for sustenance and the mystical experiences unlocked in the dark.

Pavel opens up about his self-realization process through these deeply reflective experiences, the results of doing shadow work, and how these practices have elevated his consciousness. He also shares his innovative Me-We-Be Model for personal transformation and how plant medicine has been instrumental in his healing evolution.

Additionally, we dive into EMF mitigation tools and technologies, discussing their role in combating radiation and protecting biological systems. Pavel also shares insights on conscious parenting and invites us to learn more about his powerfully transformative immersive group experiences. 



Luke Storey

A writer, meditation and metaphysics teacher and lifestyle design expert who shares transformative principles of health, addiction recovery, and spirituality. He's host of the top rated The Life Stylist Podcast, which he launched in 2016.


Pavel stuchlik

Pavel Stuchlik is an expert in self-realization technique + application, international conscious DJ/Producer, serial impact entrepreneur & investor, certified Ambassador of Peace and Wim Hof Instructor. NOA means movement; AON is 'all or none'' With #noamovment NOA|AON is bringing people back to their center in union with others.

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Join us in this enlightening conversation

Featuring : Luke Storey and Pavel Stuchlik

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Dark Room DMT Trips, EMF Mitigation & Breathwork Awakenings w/ Pavel Stuchlik | 533 | Luke Storey

If you’re on a path towards self-realization and transformation, you’re going to love this episode with NOA|AON, also known as Pavel Stuchlik. With over 15 years of globe trotting and immersing himself in some of the world’s most rigorous teachings, Pavel is a maestro of transformation, self-realization, and harmonious living.

Featuring : Luke Storey and Pavel Stuchlik


  • Intro to guided group coherence practice
  • Dolphin-assisted birth story on the Big Island in Hawaii
  • The story behind his daughter’s name
  • Experiencing the magical presence of dolphins
  • Observing the souls that choose to incarnate on earth at this time
  • Unpacking his experience in darkness retreats
  • The impact of growing up with shamans 
  • Entering a dark room as an initiation into pranic living 
  • Ep 16: Awakening in the Dark with Jasmuheen (The Way Forward with Alec Zeck)
  • Fueling your body with prana source energy
  • What to expect from a dark room experience 
  • The hardest part about the dark room experience
  • Detox regimen before entering the darkness
  • Exploring the Breatharian lifestyle and being self-regenerative
  • The pivotal realization Luke had while boar hunting
  • How Pavel unhooks from the world and reconnects to his intuition
  • What type of shadow work surfaced in the dark room and tools for releasing 
  • How self-reflection led to self-mastery and living in service 
  • Going from total abundance – to nothing – to true balance
  • Luke’s self-realization during a meditation retreat
  • How plant medicine and psychedelics facilitated his healing journey 
  • The importance of embodying the experiences and lessons learned 
  • Pavel’s South African Iboga experience
  • His brother’s story of clearing his addiction pathways through Iboga 

  • Pavel’s philosophy for self transformation
  • How he reprogrammed negative thinking and reset his mental body
  • How to tap into our four psychic senses and strengthen them 
  • Examples of different types of spiritual gifts 
  • How our relationships and environment shape our reality
  • Explaining the 7 stages of a relationship
  • How the context of the collective experience can aid in your healing
  • How his own journey influences his parenting 
  • Lessons of being in a state of play and curiosity with your children
  • The broken model of education and alternative methods of learning
  • The value that kids bring to life and their ability to teach us
  • Inside Pavel’s immersive learning experiences
  • 30-Day, On-Demand Video Library 
  • Free System Reset Bonus Episode
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