January Travel Blog

I am sitting on the plane again from New Zealand back to the US and finally have the time to sit down and write something that I committed to doing at least 1x/month. 

Through our travels, we learn countless lessons, meet many new people, and see so much that I’ve decided that I will create a short diary filled with my insights and experiences. It’s important that I start recording my journeys, even if it’s just in brief snippets because when I look back at our time, it all just feels like a short, fast flight. 

This January started with the most incredible memory of my life – getting married to Fairy on the equator in Ecuador at midnight on January 1st, 2024. We brought our family to this amazing retreat center to create a very different experience from traditional weddings, as we are nowhere near a “traditional” couple. Years ago we traveled to Ecuador to research new locations for retreats and little did we know we would end up canceling our regular retreat to be married here. We participated in a special ceremony to activate our energies, opening 7 portals, so our family could see a bit more of what we do. From hiking 14ner to hot springs with a unique shamanic temazcal ceremony to cleanse all our energies before coming together, we did it all! 

It wasn’t easy to say the least, managing so much energy, but it turned out to be an unforgettable experience for all of us.

As all of our choices follow consequences, each year we take the time to set intentions. We take time to dream so we can always be in alliance with our highest true heart desires. We got to do this with our family circle, all looking back at the past year to self-assess who we can be, what we can do better, more of, learn, and create, and where we can travel to.

Ecuador memories:

Right after Ecuador, I had to split from Fairy for a week, and I headed to Canada for our first tour of the year. Most of these cities we explored for the first time, and we can’t express enough our gratitude for how welcomed we felt and for how many lives we got to transform. 

It all started in Washington DC. On the way to Canada, we were caught in a huge rainstorm and almost missed our first event due to the weather. Thankfully, we made it, but for the remaining tours, there was no messing around with time, as we typically leave early in the morning, have our events until late at night, and leave again on the first flight.

Sold out Washington DC photo: 

After Washington DC we went to Montreal for the first time. Just as it was raining in the south, it was the first snow of the year in Montreal. On this part of the trip, I went with our Head of Operations, Heather, who has been behind all that we do. It’s an amazing way for our team to travel together and connect on a friendship basis so it’s not always all about work. 

In Canada, we had a huge help from our co-organizers, Unite, who had prepared for us an amazing crew of instrumentalists, singers, and volunteers, along with a cacao facilitator. One of my favorite things about our touring is the local talent that we get to meet and rely on to keep our community growing. It creates the perfect DNA 🧬 for each event to be unique and different. 

One of the highlights in Montreal was that we went into the Nordic Spa for some sauna and cold therapy as soon as we landed. In every city, I always use Google Maps to save our favorite healthy spots: food, coffee, yoga, biohacking labs, IVs, and spas :-) When we travel at this level, we have to stay as strong as possible, as each event is a 6 - 8 hour total commitment from beginning to end. 

After Montreal, we headed to Toronto. On the way there, both Heather and I felt quite sick. It turned out that we got Malaria from the Ecuadorian jungle, but we were able to heal immediately with a high dose of Methylene Blue from Dr. Lieurance’s MitoZen. 

When we landed in Toronto, each flight was delayed the entire week. I’ve never flown a week without one connection being on time. We had to rush straight to our venue, which was the amazing Parkdale Hall that is normally used for concerts; it truly felt like we made it. It was another amazing crowd in collaboration with Chocolate Groove, who does a multitude of conscious events in town, as well as Othership. We had an outstanding team of professional instrumentalists and another full house. We also met the amazing couple behind the “Wish Well” brand who was one of our sponsors. We can’t wait to embark on a long-term journey with them, as they created a prayer app for communities to wish well for one another through science-based intention settings. 

Highlights from Toronto:

After Toronto we split with Heather – she went back home to meet her baby while I continued on the tour with my dad. He has been an amazing addition to our team, on the wholesale side keeping us organized while we “play” in the world 🌍 and at the same time helping us with organizations as tour manager. 

We met in Victoria, which was one of the most amazing places that we visited on this tour. We had a completely sold-out venue in the heart of the city. Right before our event I went to see the sunset on this beautiful hike where I got to walk barefoot in super cold temperatures and sun gaze to recharge my energies before the next event. 

Highlights from Victoria: 

After Victoria, the stress began. During the session, our travel agent called my dad saying “all of the flights to Calgary are being canceled due to -40-degree weather.” I was like “oh boy what’s next?” We looked at every alternative route, including private flights, as we take each city extremely seriously even if it means we will take a loss. Unfortunately, we had to postpone one of our flights to March, but this allowed us to go to Vancouver early and spend the night in Whistler to recharge. 

 Day off in Whistler: 

Sleep is my biggest opportunity for growth during our travels, and thanks to all of our gadgets and supplements we do our best, but unfortunately it’s not always possible. Our events run every single night, sometimes 7-10 days straight; it’s like a stage race that I used to do while road cycling the world. During these times, recovery is key but it’s not always possible to fall asleep. Sometimes I run on 3-4 hours of sleep for several days in a row, which can take a massive toll. I will write a blog soon on how we get a strong storage system in place before each tour so that we can truly give it all.

The most exciting part of this tour was that I got to see Fairy and Pixie who flew to meet me in Vancouver so that we could shorten our time apart, as I was heading to the next block of the tour right after.

The Vancouver event was the biggest one in Canada with almost 400 people coming to support our NOA Movement. In this event, we went all out with the most instrumentalists, sponsors, and people to truly provide a magical evening for everyone. We even created a “consciousness expansion” corner with our Head of Empowerment team, Sean, to give people a taste of the different tools that we use to stay in top shape.

Highlights from Vancouver: 

After Vancouver, there were even more travel complications that occurred. My flight to Denver got flat-out canceled, so our travel agent had to come back to work to figure out how we would make it on time to Sarasota. I ended up sleeping in Chicago, and my bags were lost, so we ended up sending them straight to Miami, the destination of our next event. It put all of our team to work again as we had to now rent everything that we normally carry with us, but it ended up creating an amazing journey at the Rejuvenation Clinic with Dr. John Lieurance. During this time, we were lucky to be completely supped up with his original Methylene Blue IV that uses red light to charge it with high doses of magnesium, silver, and gold. It brought me back to life, and it’s now been the third event that we got to do together in less than two months. 

Highlights from Sarasota:

After Sarasota, now the fun was about to begin. We were on a road trip with Dr. John, and we grew so close. I truly value his friendship and love for supporting others like us. We drove together to do the next event in this amazing $35 million home right at the beach on Palm Island. This event, hosted by Center Wellness, was truly something else; we brought people together around a pool and connected to the nature of Florida. It was an insane contrast from crazy freezing weather to sweating heat. 

This team was truly amazing and the community was unforgettable.

Right after this amazing event, I got to sleep at this house where I got to wake up with the sunrise and sun gaze with my morning routine. This is when the trip truly started – I was invited on a boys trip to Colorado with David Centner to enjoy some time off and create some unforgettable biohacking experiences with Dr. John. This is when we realized that we are literally the same person – both of us travel with a pharmacy bay and a full stack of hacks. We got to fly on a private jet while getting to do a bunch of hacks, which Dr. John coined “bio flying.” 

On this same trip, we got to ski, hopped off to LA for an evening birthday celebration for Bobby Kennedy, and curated a conscious after-party experience for our boys. 

I can’t stress enough how important it is to take time in a men's or women’s circle. You can learn so much from one another while refueling your masculine or feminine energy so that you can come back to your loved one. It taught me so many beautiful lessons that allowed me to come back excited and fully recharged to reconnect with my Fairy and Pixie in a whole new perspective. 

Right after this, my new friends were kind enough to drop me off in Alabama on the way to Miami, like it was a bus stop haha.

I finally got to reunite with my kids, Bodhi and Bella, as well as with my wife and Pixie before we headed out again to New Zealand. 

This was a very full month, and we are constantly tearing up with massive gratitude for the lives we have created for ourselves. I never thought it would be possible to live my dream every single day of my life, and we are doing it. I can’t give enough thanks to all of the communities, friends, and staff that make this possible, to be on a bigger mission than ever! To unify the world one person at a time. Thank you so much for reading and tuning in – I will be back in February from our next block of touring.

 Tired from flying 🧚‍♀️