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world's first truly smart breathing training device

measures your current lung function and personalizes all training. Live guidance ensures you train correctly and the data-driven approach allows for consistent progress which can be tracked over time.

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Benefits of AIROFIT products

More energy daily

Increase your lung capacity, reduce breathing rate & gain energy

Lower heart rate

Reduced breathing rate lowers your heart rate during physical activity

Better sleep

Relax before bed, fall asleep faster, and reduce snoring

Better performance

Airofit allows you to push yourself harder, faster, & for longer

Train from your couch

Airofit is used separately from other activity for only 5-10 minutes daily

Unmatched expertise

Combined knowledge from industry leading doctors and breath experts

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Just like any other muscle group, your breathing muscles respond to resistance training – and that is exactly what Airofit does. It’s like taking your diaphragm to the gym, minus the sweat!

As the diaphragm is a large, but thin muscle, you can train it rather easily – just 5-10 minutes daily is enough for it to become faster, stronger, and more efficient.

Airofit Breathing Trainer provides adjustable airflow resistance to your respiratory muscles. It measures your breathing volume and strength & sends data to your Virtual Breathing Coach on your smartphone.

With a few simple steps, Airofit measures your current lung function. This data is then combined with your age, gender, height, and weight to produce a tailored training session, using your measurements as a baseline.

Airofit Lung Test measuring current lung function


How can I get the Airofit app?

You can download the Airofit Sport App from App Store on iOS devices and from Google Play Store on Android devices and install it on your smartphone.

Please note that Airofit is compatible with iOS version 11 or newer, and Android version 7 or newer

How do I clean my Airofit respiratory trainer?

Always remove the E-unit before cleaning with water or other liquids! 

After each training we recommend that you wash the device in warm water, shake off excess water and blow through the device to remove water that might still be inside the device. Dry fully with a clean towel.

Click here to watch our maintenance video for more information.

How do I hold the trainer properly?

You should be relaxed and standing or sitting upright. Hold the trainer with your hand on the E-Unit (black part on the main body). Make sure that the openings near the wheels are not obstructed. Now place the trainer in your mouth so that your lips cover the outer shield of the mouthpiece to make a seal. Look straight forward, looking down can cause more salivating.

How do I connect my Airofit breathing trainer to the app?

1. Turn Bluetooth on your phone ON
2. Open your Airofit app
3. Turn your Airofit trainer ON by pressing the button quick – the LED starts to blink
4. Your trainer will be automatically connected within 15 seconds

Does the app work offline?

Yes, it does!

How do I charge my Airofit trainer?

You will find the charging plug inside the removable E-unit. Insert your Micro USB cable to charge your Airofit trainer. If the light on the button is blinking green you have inserted the cable correctly and your Airofit is charging. Once fully charged, the button will light green.

Will Airofit add more programs or sessions to the app in the future?

Yes! The app and its content will constantly be under development, and new training sessions and programs will be added.

How do I delete Airofit data and activities in the app?

Both training session and lung test data can be deleted when viewed under the ‘Activity’ page.