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Our Story and Mission

Our Mission

NOA|AON is a purpose-driven lifestyle brand that provides online and in-person immersive experiences, retreats, workshops, and holistic products that bring power back to the people. Our mission is to unify the world one person at a time through ancient and modern tools for happiness, health, and harmony. Integrating breathwork, meditation, sound healing, modernized ecstatic dance, and technology with education into the ultimate platform for your journey through self-transformation.

NOA means movement / AON means all or none.

NOA|AON symbolizes life in duality from which the main purpose is to come back to harmony, peace, and balance.

Our Vision

NOA|AON was created after decades of traveling and learning from some of the most sought-after leaders of today's world and was inspired by a 10-day dark cave retreat with no physical food or light in Thailand by Jasmuheen.

The goal was to change the way people socialize, learn, and exist, moving from a "limited" fearful state of being into "limitless" love.

This led us to create interactive learning and immersive shows for tens of thousands of people around the world, ranging from major music festivals to biohacking conferences. This is a true combination of the most powerful tools of today that anyone can do and see results, as long as they decide to do the work.

“Our vision for the  #noamovement is to bring one million people into group coherence and create a quantum shift on Earth.”

Pavel Explains the #noamovement

Year Experience

Mindful Products

Satisfied Clients

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  • Gratitude Practices
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  • Healthy Work-Life Balance
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Aka Pavel Stuchlik is an expert in self-realization technique + application, international conscious DJ/Producer, serial impact entrepreneur & investor, certified Ambassador of Peace and Wim Hof Instructor. NOA means movement; AON is 'all or none'' With #noamovment NOA|AON is bringing people back to their center in union with others. He created the BDM method to combine all of the most effective tools and wisdom from around the world to share with others.


Aka Danielle Kling is a conscious motivator, energy healer, perspective shifter, and yoga/ fitness instructor who will refresh your mind, body, and soul. She believes life is easier when learned through the lenses of love. Through movement and touch, she will teach you about the magic of now and being in flow with the universe. You will learn life-optimizing tools through stories and experiences that we can all connect with.

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