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Included in the package

  • Charged with the specific frequency and quantum energy
  • Golden look, in convenient credit card format.
  • Perfect for travel, to wear in a pocket, or put underneath a pillow at night.
  • Each card contains a specifically designed mandala


Per testimonials and the healers that participated in making and testing this frequency, ABUNDANCE would be well used by anyone that wants to create more abundance in his/her life. The main goal is to create inner abundance which then also starts to establish outer abundance. While financial abundance/financial freedom can be part of the general abundance theme, it is not the focus (see the prosperity card if specifically focused on money flow, etc.).

We live in a world that tries to condition us to believe everything is scarce, and through childhood experiences we’re often conditioned that “we are not enough”.

Sooner or later this results in feeling insecure in specific or multiple aspects of our lives, feeling a strong need to be loved by others or someone, feeling the need to be successful, etc. etc. etc.

As an example, there’s nothing wrong with being successful, it can actually be a wonderful thing. But becoming or being successful because of inner abundance (without the need to be successful) is completely different from “having to be successful”/being dependent on success in order to feel better.

The “Abundance” frequency helps to (re-)fill the gaps and deficits we have and to work through blockages and other roadblocks in an easier and faster manner in order to arrive at more inner and outer abundance. Energetically it is a very nourishing, soothing and supportive.

This frequency card can be worn and/or leveraged at anytime, also at nights.

The Calm & Rest frequency was designed and intended to support a much more relaxed and deeper calm and rest. Leela Quantum Tech is neither in the medical field, nor intends to be, so we also refrain from making any health claims. We can only pass on what others say about it. All test persons so far have reported that within about 1-5 minutes clearly noticeable relaxation occurred, that some described as if the Sandman came and did his magic. Several people tested it while still being in a conversation. After 5 minutes they had to put the card away so as to not want to go to bed right away. Then they picked up the card again when they were generally ready to go to bed and had very good night of sleep, deeper than normal. No morning issues were reported at all since the frequency disappears fairly quickly when you put the card away.

Product Disclaimer:

Leela Quantum Tech products are not food, supplement, or drug and are not intended to diagnose, treat or prevent any disease. Leela Quantum Tech products have not been evaluated by the FDA or EFSA. If you have health problems and need medical assistance or advice, please consult your physician.

The Detox Support Frequency may help cleanse your system of harmful toxins. Often our bodies are occupied with so many tasks and issues that are even harder to combat the more toxins the body needs to deal with. Energetically, this frequency adds another layer of focus and support that may help your body to detoxify.

This frequency is based on molecular frequencies of the following vitamins and minerals:
  • Magnesium carbonate
  • Co-enzyme Q10
  • PQQ
  • Shilajit Extract
  • Pineal activating mushroom
  • Thiamine Vitamin B1
  • Vitamin B6
  • VitaminB12

Our DNA and our cells are the core of our physical existence, and to strengthen and protect these from potentially harmful substances, influences, and outside forces is key to our overall well-being. Big questions these days are: Have you been or will you get vaxed? Or are you staying away from getting vaxed but are concerned you may take on mRNA etc. from the vaxed? Either way, you may be concerned about keeping your dna and cells pure, strong, and in best possible shape. This high-performance frequency set is a masterpiece which has been developed and tested by the best healer practitioners in our network together, which we’re very grateful for. It’s intended to strengthen and support the body’s systems and performance energetically, and it has been reported by all test persons to increase vitality, clarity and well-being. While each person’s response to outside fields, forces and substances is unique, this frequency set has shown to reduce stress and influence of the same.

While all of the Leela Quantum products provide a level of protection against EMF, the EMF Harmonization & Protection card was developed and programmed for people that are very sensitive to EMF. It doesn’t block EMF, so it’s specifically useful when you need to use wifi, cell phones etc., but want a strong frequency that transforms EMF in a way that the physical body and energetic system aren’t negatively impacted by the EMF in any way. It should be worn very close to the body (in the pocket, underneath a pillow, etc.).

This card has been developed to energetically offer support in various aspects to be more present in the body, to be able to shift better from “fog” to clarity, and to help with focus in general. This card can be used for many different reasons, and it’s been reported by many customers as very positive and helpful.


This card should ideally be worn for 24 hours in a row on the first day of usage. (Obviously you can remove it shortly in between for taking a shower etc.).

After the first 24 hours, we suggest 3-4 hours per day for the next two weeks. After that, use as needed. For example in situations that require specific attention, focus, and presence.

This frequency is intended to remind our energetic and physical system of the everlasting and eternal nature of our souls/our core and that our cells and body as a whole can internalize and reflect these “forever young” aspects again which can be seen as rejuvenating, boosting of energetic anti-aging which involves and the remembering of our body that we don’t need to age in the way it’s been “normal” so far. The Forever Young frequency has been developed by Sun Ya Fisher as one of her core competencies.

With the energy of this frequency card outdated thought structures, behavior patterns and attached emotions can be dissolved and transformed. New space is created for freedom, love, peace, clarity – within ourselves. Our inner truth can shine through and our mind can relax – more and more. Our physical body and our chakras can also experience a form of healing and cleansing from stressful energies. Thoughts and emotions can block us which then has an impact on our flow in life. While this frequency has a noticeable effect right away, like most other frequencies we offer it is one to “work” with over time. Give yourself the time and space for changes to occur. And enjoy it along the way!

Being grateful is one of the most wonderful vibrational levels you can be at. More often than not, we tend to be rather on the ungrateful side though – whether consciously or subconsciously. By adding the Gratitude Frequency to your daily practice, you’ll spend more time in gratitude and love, which will help you raise your natural vibration to a higher level. This can help reduce stress and worry, increase positive thoughts, improve night rest and more! It is usually quite noticeable by others, because they can sense more gratitude in the field/aura.

The more time you spend in gratitude, the more your vibration raises. If you add conscious gratitude work, you can further boost the effects.


The Leela Quantum H.E.A.L. frequency card contains the following frequencies:

  • - primal human healing frequencies as well as specific cosmic and Earth healing frequencies
  • - primal water frequency (the original source of the Earth’s healing water springs)
  • - nutritional Biobase frequency (contains almost 100 essential vitamin, mineral and organic plant extract frequencies)


The Happiness Frequency card works by connecting with your body’s energy system and helping it realign itself with its natural frequency of joy and contentment. To use the card, simply put it in your pocket, hold it close to your body, or you can keep it near your chest while focusing on something positive or peaceful. You can also focus on a particular emotion or state of mind that brings you joy. As you do this, allow yourself to fully absorb the feelings associated with this emotion or state of mind as they resonate through your body. The more time you spend in this practice, the easier it will become for your body to remain connected with its natural frequency of joy and contentment – even when external influences attempt to disrupt it.

Inflammation is the body’s natural response to toxins, injury or irritation.

This powerful frequency card is loaded with the molecular frequencies of specific vitamins, minerals and amino acids that may provide a strong boost energetically to help you ease inflammation. It is not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent any disease or health condition.

Here’s what you’ll find on this card:



Brown’s Gas

C60 Olive Oil

Cannabis Sativa

Cat’s Claw



Devil’s Claw

Fish Oil

Flax Seed

Frankincense Hojari from Oman




Green Tea Extract




S-adenosylmethionine (SAM-e)


Thunder God Vine

Vitamin C

Vitamin D

Check out the list of supplement frequencies used in this booklet.

Per testimonials and the healers that participated in making this frequency, Inner Peace Card may be well used in any situations regarding stress, anxiety, personal loss, “heavy heart,” and inner anger.

It’s intended to support us in situations like the above, and the frequency also works in a way that we can start learning how to create and establish a state of inner peace within ourselves again, on our own. In many life situations, that can seem pretty tough. As long as we find it challenging to recreate it, we can leverage this Inner Peace Frequency.

It’s important to note that we tend to end up in situations of loss, anger, anxiety, panic, etc., because there’s something life needs to teach us, in other words, there’s something we need to learn.

This frequency works on solving the root causes. This frequency set is designed so that it can help support us while not taking away the lesson(s) we are supposed to learn. It makes it easier to deal with the symptoms and to find relief, but also to solve the underlying imbalances over time.

This frequency set is actually a combination of natural supplements that help with stress as well as a true inner peace healing frequency set, specifically added by two healers together in order to achieve more inner peace.

The word Leela is Sanskrit for ‘the divine play of God’. Leela is a way of describing all reality, including the cosmos, as the outcome of creative play by the divine.

In various ways this frequency is similar to the unity frequency, but where they differ is that the Leela frequency also reminds us about not needing to take everything so serious, to find ease, lightness, flow and playfulness in everything we do. It is a very peaceful and unifying frequency but also transformative in a very soothing and supportive way.

Like the unity frequency it is more a frequency for people on the inner (spiritual) path who value inner development and would like to expand further in this regard. The Leela frequency helps put things in perspective and helps with balance and more “joyful playfulness”.

K. Elmer on the Women’s and Men’s Booster:

“My intent for the boosters was to create a frequency set from supplements that target the main focus people my age (mid life) and older have for our health. So I amassed a large collection of supplements that research has shown are very beneficial to help us keep our brains sharp, our immune systems strong, keep stress at bay and support anti-aging. For the men’s, I also included testosterone support and for the women’s, supplements to help regulate hormones and support hair, nail, skin and bone health. The research took several months and in each booster, the total amount spent on supplements was over $1,000.

Click here for further details about this frequency set

Check out the list of supplements and vitamin frequencies used in this booklet.

Multidimensional Protection Frequency—an addition to your well-being and self-care arsenal that was developed based on steady customer requests. The “Multidimensional Protection Frequency” is your ultimate transformation shield regarding any form of “dark” energy. This frequency is designed to help you not be negatively impacted by any sort of low-vibrational energies – whether it be “entities”, thought forms or low vibrational energy waves. This innovative modern solution ensures you’re aligned with your inner power and sort of have an energy bubble around you that transforms or simply mirrors away destructive energetic forces that aren’t beneficial to you.

Low-vibrational energies are always around us—they exist in some corners of our everyday lives, impacting our personal surroundings with the potential for harm. The ultimate truth is that it is all one. But due to the nature of polarity in our reality and the fact that most humans haven’t transformed or accepted/integrated most of their shadows yet, this frequency comes inhandy for anyone that needs support on that level.

We know that you’re always looking for ways to improve your well-being. And we also know that sometimes it’s hard to find the time or energy to eat a balanced diet—especially when you’re busy at work or running around all day.

But it’s important to remember that your body doesn’t work like a machine: if one part isn’t functioning properly, it can affect the rest of your system. That’s why it’s important to take care of yourself from the inside out.

That’s why it’s important to take care of yourself from the inside out.

That’s why we created the Nutritional Biobase Card. It’s a tool that helps you stay on top of your nutrition and supplement intake, so that when you’re feeling stressed out or run down, you don’t have to worry about whether or not you’re missing something important in your diet.

The Nutritional Biobase Vitamin Card contains all of our most popular vitamin supplements, including: Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, Vitamin E, Vitamin K1, Thiamine (Vitamin B1), Riboflavin (Vitamin B2), Niacin and Folic Acid!

Check out the list of vitamins, minerals and organic plant extracts Nutritional Biobase Card is charged in this booklet.


Primal Source Frequency – the energy frequency designed to connect you deeper with the source because it IS the primal source frequency! If you’ve been looking for a way to connect with something greater than your physical 3-D self, then, this can truly elevate your state of being and being connected. Its unique design integrates a powerful vibration that leads directly back to the primal source – the origin of all energy.

This frequency can help you bridge the gap between the physical realm and your highest potential, allowing you to access the limitless possibilities within yourself. As a result, you can develop true clarity and experience genuine well-being.

The Primal Source Frequency’s ability to connect with higher powers rejuvenates the body on an energetic level so that your physical form works in harmony with your spiritual self. You may notice stronger vitality support, deeper connections with others, improved focus on goals that are aligned with your soul plan, enhanced creativity, and much more.

Experience greater peace and expansion within yourself by tuning into the vibrations of Primal Source Frequency.

The PROSPERITY frequency is one of the cards that was created in a few steps by two healers, to help remove blockages and barriers that prevent us from being in tune with the money flow, and to welcome and create financial abundance in our lives.

It works on a number of levels and is very effective in each of those levels. A lot of people, either consciously or unconsciously, don’t allow themselves to have money or that they view money as something negative. Certainly money should not be worshiped or be the driver of our lives, that’s unhealthy. A lot of “spiritual” people often have a resistance to it, or think “it’s not spiritual to make or have money”. However, money is simply frequency and energy, and a healthy attitude towards money and prosperity is important. We don’t necessarily need to amass money, but at the same time we can welcome money and allow ourselves to let it flow beautifully in our lives – like everything else, it should be in a good flow.

One of the things most humans carry within themselves -often deep inside- is not feeling worthy. However, all of us are worthy, worthy of being loved at our core. The prosperity frequency helps to transform energetic blockages and beliefs and can transform them much quicker.

The prosperity frequency also helps us tune into the money flow, which energetically invites money into our lives. In some cases it can be noticed fairly quickly. In other cases, where a lot is in the way, it constantly signals (while wearing/using it) to our core that any blockages, resistances or hidden belief systems get continuously transformed, so that these supportive prosperity “waves” keep moving us in this direction, the prosperity flow.

Regardless of whether you want to cleanse your environment of negative energies or want to do something good for yourself with positive frequencies, our card offers you unlimited possibilities. Experience how the energy of the universe cleanses you and your surroundings and flows through it with healing frequencies and quantum energy.

All that is seemingly incomplete in us, or “broken” is in truth perfect and complete. The conditioning of thousands of years has left humans to experience matter in an incomplete state, and spirit mostly only as a myth or outside of self. Therefore the feeling of incompleteness and deficit has been overwhelming and left us in a state of powerlessness.

The frequency of resurrection is resurrecting the multidimensional nature of all matter and spirit within you. Keeping this frequency close to your body and mind over a longer period of time supports the transition from a linear and incomplete state of mind and cells to your true nature of multidimensional existence.

Matter always follows energy. Changing the energy state of your mind and cells allows you to feel more whole and empowered, strong and vibrant-like we all should because that is our true nature!

The Seasonal Relief Booster Card may help people manage common seasonal reactions. K. Elmer combined the most highly recommended supplements and elements into one molecular frequency set people can carry with them.

Combined with the pure quantum energy power of this card, it has gained support of our customers and helped them reduce issues and reactions more effectively.

List of supplements and elements used:



Clear guard

Marshmallow root






The Self-Love & Partnership Frequency supports and amplifies your efforts of self-discovery, allowing you to make a leap in these so important aspects. If you already have a relationship, you can use this frequency to help gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of yourself as well as your partner.

The Self-Love & Partnership frequency can provide the necessary impulses to build a strong, loving foundation between two partners that leads to lasting and meaningful relationships. It all starts with loving yourself, though.

Nowadays, a lot of men struggle with too low testosterone levels which is caused by multiple reasons. K. Elmer created a special frequency set out of the best testosterone nutrients and supplements that are available on the market. Combined with the pure quantum energy power of the Quantum and Infinity Bloc, this card has tested very well, and we’re excited to offer this new frequency developed by K. Elmer.

List of supplements used.
  • A-13 Testoluten
  • Ashwagandha
  • Cordyceps
  • D-Aspartic acid
  • DHEA
  • Fenugreek
  • Ginger
  • Testosterone Cypionate
  • Tongkat Ali
  • Tribulus
  • Vitamin D3
  • Zinc

Check out the list of supplement frequencies used in this booklet.

The UNITY frequency is a frequency specifically for people that want to develop further from polarity and more into unity. That is not suggesting that polarity is bad. What’s unhealthy though is when we get stuck in polarity, and also as a species “celebrate” polarity in the way it’s been happening on Earth for such a long time.

The golden age, the new time, or whatever you want to call it, is about healing and leaving behind the old games of polarity as well as the wounds it has created. Unity as a cosmic aspect is something that is hard to explain, but it can be felt. It can be translated as “oneness”. While it’s obvious that there is polarity wherever we look, there also is always unity within us, because we’re all part of “spirit” (what the shamans call it). It can be called many things of course but it is still always the same.

If we can manage to expand the “unity” aspect within us, we get closer to our core, our higher self, and can more and more detach ourselves from polarity games. We can then still play those “games” if we choose, but without the need to play them, or be stuck in them.

The unity card signals the universal unity frequency to our system, so we can remember it again. It provides support in moving our own lives from being very polar and possibly chaotic, to more balance, unity and flow. This frequency also helps with unifying the many aspects within ourselves that we may have difficulty accepting, welcoming, or bringing together.

The test persons and customers have reported this frequency to help reduce craving, increase metabolism, and to make it easier to follow through with efforts to manage weight on a mental and physical level.

This is what our customers say about the weight loss frequency card:

Sonya S.:

“The Weight Management Card works for me! I had a sugar/vegan donut and cookies. Issue? No longer!

I was pretty skeptical- I don’t know why because I’m not skeptical about H.E.A.L.® or inner peace or Abundance Cards, which are all awesome.

I don’t crave desserts; everything that’s sugary tastes too sugary now and not good to me. It’s so strange because I usually have a hard time saying no to pastries, but now I don’t really think of them!

I have managed weight – I was about 15 lbs overweight and people have noticed and commented that I look slimmer only after a few weeks.

Also, I started up yoga regularly again. I don’t know if that is related but it happened at the same time.”

Merle A.:

“The Weight Management Card is my constant companion reminding me gently to keep on my healthy eating journey. Emotional eating is gone. I’m satisfied eating less. Good food choices are enhanced. Delay not deprive eating is easier. The frequency is supportive, not demanding. It won’t do it for you but with you. Another useful frequency!”

K. Elmer on the Women’s and Men’s Booster:

“My intent for the boosters was to create a frequency set from supplements that target the main focus people my age (mid life) and older have for our health. So I amassed a large collection of supplements that research has shown are very beneficial to help us keep our brains sharp, our immune systems strong, keep stress at bay and support anti-aging.

For the men’s, I also included testosterone support and for the women’s, supplements to help regulate hormones and support hair, nail, skin and bone health. The research took several months and in either booster, the total amount spent on supplements was over $1,000.

Check out the list of supplements and vitamin frequencies used in this booklet.


The Quantum Tech cards easily fit inside your pocket or wallet and are ideal for those who are always busy running around. The stylish cards look like credit cards and have been refined with powerful, positive frequencies. We have worked with some world-renowned energy practitioners and healer trainers to exclusively provide you with the purest and most effective frequencies for all your needs. Each frequency has also been given its own mandala, which decorates the golden cards and to which the frequency is precisely tuned. Increase your physical and mental performance and feel energized from morning to night.

The frequency cards have been charged carefully with gentle quantum energy and can work as sleep support, when put beneath your pillow.

Thousand of

Happy Customers


Used By Healers Worldwide

Precision Manufactured

- Patented Technology


Safe to Useand Durable for Everyday Use

Over 30

Frequencies To Choose From


Leela Quantum Cards has been scientifically tested and proven to provide quantum leaps forward in the area of health and energy.

With a range of powerful features, Leela Quantum Cards are:

  • Harmonize the Energy In Your Home, and Workspace
    Reduce fatigue, improve memory, vitality and productivity
  • Neutralize Negative Frequencies
    Increase calmness, joy, and peace of mind.
  • Harmonize and Neutralize EMFs
    Protecting you from 3G, 4G, 5G, WiFi, microwaves, etc.
  • Support Your Plants, Seedlings and Trees
    Boosting their growth and vitality, plus harmonizing their spaces.


All of the frequency cards also carry a specific mandala to which the frequency is precisely tuned. The mandala can indeed be called cosmic sacred geometry, and it is very unique in the sense that it represents and vibrates on its own, the aspects of love, peace, and unity. Each frequency has been carefully developed and tested together with our healer and practitioner network. The various frequencies used are etheric and/or molecular frequencies.

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What’s Unique?


  • Tried, tested and reviewed
  • Provides long term results
  • Uses etheric and/or molecular frequencies

If you are ready to explore this new paradigm, let’s find out what’s possible for you.

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  • Primal human healing frequencies as well as specific cosmic and Earth healing frequencies.
  • Primal water frequency (the original source of the Earth’s healing water springs).
  • Nutritional Biobase frequency (contains almost 100 essential vitamin, mineral and organic plant extract frequencies)
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