Maximize Peace. Boost Wellness.

Verified by science. Proven through practice.โ€‹

I teach breathing & meditation techniques, combined with my one-of-a-kind binaural beats, to promote healing, wellness, and mental clarity.

Science has proven that you can see REAL results in your physical health & mental well-being with the methods I teach.

Control over your autonomous system

You can "develop higher level of control over key components of the autonomous system, with implications for lifestyle interventions that might ameliorate multiple clinical syndromes."
- Wayne State Univeristy School of Medicine

decrease inflammation

You can "voluntarily influence the physiological stress response" to inflammation in the body.
- Radboud University Medical Center

Activate "brown fat"

"This is an efficient source to regulate body heat" & can actually help you lose weight."
- Maastricht University Medical Center

Control of sympathetic nervous system

You are likely to " lower levels of proinflammatory mediators, and increased plasma epinephrine levels"
- Radboud University Medical Center

Pavel has changed my life.

I’ve always been searching for that something that could give me clarity and happiness. But, no matter where I looked, I couldn’t find.

Now, after participating in Pavel’s workshops and getting to know him, I’ve had more peace, contentment, and ability to live in the present moment.

Phil Randazzo

busy entrepreneur

How Can You Take Control Of Your Life & Health?

Personal Coaching

I’ve helped dozens of high-performing professionals slow down, regain control of their lives, and find peace (which makes them perform at an even higher level).

Intimate Events With Like-Minded People

I’ve regularly lead single-day or multiple-day events with like-minded people & organizations to help them find clarity & peace to help them overcome mental obstacles that are holding them back to being their most awesome self.