breathe with the gorillas


Date:August 31st - September 6th, 2024 Location:Rwanda - The Heart of Africa

experience this transformative journey

Are you ready to:

Ignite your soul

Ignite your soul with transformative yoga and breathwork.

Embrace Adventure

Feel the rush of adventure, bask in the glow of exotic cultures.

connect with nature

Forge an unforgettable connection with nature—encounter the majestic mountain gorillas.

create memories

Rekindle your purpose and a create a treasure trove of memories.

What’s included?

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A fully immersive and inclusive wellness experience in Rwanda for 7 days and 6 nights

  • 5 World renowned Breathwork & Yoga Teachers
  • Kigali city experience
  • Genocide Museum & Generational Trauma release
  • 7 days & 6 nights 5 star Accommodation
  • Exclusive Hotel Access at Lake Kivu
  • Private Beach access
  • All internal transfers
  • Luxury 4x4 trek
  • All meals, travel snacks and refreshments
  • 3 day cleanse program
  • 6 day supplement - inspired by nature, powered by science
  • 24/7 on demand cold water therapy
  • Gorilla Doctor talk
  • Gorilla Trekking
  • Gorilla naming ceremony
  • Coffee Farm and Factory experience
  • Kayaking on Lake Kivu
  • Luxury Boat Dinner Experience
  • Drumming circle
  • 6 x various style yoga classes
  • 2 x yoga workshops
  • 1 x PsychAirDelic retreat
  • 1 x Full body Massage
  • 12 x various style daily Breathwork Classes
  • 2 x Transformational Breathwork classes
  • 1 x Breath Dance Meditate party

Whats excluded?

Flights to and from Kigali, Rwanda are excluded - you will need to make your way to Kigali International Airport (KGL)

  • • Travel Insurance
  • • Medical Insurance
  • • Visa costs
  • • Travel clinic - Vaccinations if required

lake kivu serena hotel

Lakefront Hotel In Gisenyi, Rwanda

Lake Kivu Serena Hotel celebrates the shores of this African Great Lake as a destination of astonishing beauty, where pristine beaches and the sparkling waters of Africa’s sixth largest lake come together in breathtaking fashion. Your arrival is greeted by a bright, open-plan lobby giving way to a private stretch of beach reserved exclusively for hotel guests. We welcome you to experience unparalleled warmth, hospitality and relaxation at our tropically inspired hotel in Gisenyi, Rwanda.

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Rich blend of Rwandan heritage, art and culture

Nestled on a charming boulevard in Kigali, Rwanda, and just a five-minute stroll from the CBD, Kigali Serena Hotel offers a unique fusion of Rwandan heritage, art, and culture with modern luxury across 148 elegant rooms and suites. This secure oasis caters to the needs of international diplomats and executives, providing a serene retreat unlike any other. You can enjoy leisure amenities, including a tranquil tropically landscaped pool and indulgent Mayan-inspired spa treatments.

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Nature's Breath Retreat

Imagine standing in the midst of verdant forests, the sounds of the jungle harmonizing with your breath, as we lead you through breathwork sessions designed to connect your inner being with the surrounding nature. This journey is an invitation to engage in a profound dialogue with the rhythms of the earth, awakening your senses and fostering a deep sense of peace and rejuvenation.
Breathe108 one of breath masters is deeply involved in the facilitation of this event, they are excited to offer their expertise in breathwork and yoga, ensuring that your experience is not just about the physical proximity to the gentle giants of Africa but also about exploring the healing powers of your own breath.

A lot is awaiting you

This adventure goes beyond a mere encounter with the rare and endangered mountain gorillas; it's an opportunity to immerse yourself in a holistic experience that promotes both physical and spiritual well-being. Breathe108, Travis Steffens, The Yoga Republic, Carla Aspesberger, NOA AON  will lead you through tailored sessions that enhance your connection to yourself and the majestic creatures in their natural habitat. As we share moments of connection with these gentle beings, we'll be reminded of the interconnected tapestry of life that binds us all. This journey is an exploration of the deep interconnectedness of all living things, a chance to find solace in the rhythm of our breaths and the pulsating heart of the jungle.

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Experience the transformative power of breathwork and yoga and other forms of movement, guided by world-class experts, set against the backdrop of Africa's breathtaking natural scenery.

Our teachers


Merging the transformative power of breathwork with his vision for a more connected and mindful world. Moving beyond his impactful work in creating community through real estate, he's embracing the profound effects of breathwork to elevate well-being. With the The Source app, he's bringing the ancient wisdom of breathwork to the forefront of modern consciousness. This groundbreaking app, developed with the leading breath masters, aims to democratize the healing, empowering benefits of breathwork, making it accessible to all. It's more than an app it's a movement towards harnessing our most basic yet most powerful tool: our breath


Our mission is to unify the world one person at a time through ancient and modern tools for happiness, health and harmony. NOA means movement; AON is 'all or none" With #noamovment NOA|AON is bringing people back to their center in union with others. Pavel created the BDM method to combine all of the most effective tools and wisdom from around the world to share with others.


Carla offers a middle way of de-conditioning which resets the innate baseline of your unique genius.
There is no teacher student roles present, simply a friend clearing and holding up a mirror for you. I can never teach you anything you don't already know.
Sometimes we just have to start removing the obstacles binding us to the ignorance so the truth can reveal itself.


The journey through the world of movement, yoga and healing has been a remarkable one, driven by Claire’s passion to create nurturing environments where individuals can grow, heal, and transform - YOGA FOR THE PEOPLE.Whether on the yoga mat or in life, Claire's passion remains to hold space for growth, healing, and transformation, making her an inspiring force in the world of wellness and holistic health.


In my heart lies a deep-seated passion for guiding souls on a voyage of self-discovery and empowerment. Experiencing the transformative magic of yoga, meditation, and breathwork on my quest for growth and healing, unlocking the boundless potential that dwells within each of us. Breathe as if your essence intertwines with every living being.
As we become conscious of our breath, we expand our energetic field, resonating with the pulse of life. In this dance of breath, we are catalysts for positive change, shaping the fields that surround us


My passion is to advocate for what I love with zeal. Self-improvement is about healing from past pains and creating a better future, not about being better than others.
It's accepting imperfection. taking control, and making positive changes, while embracing passions like Yoga, Breathwork, and Nature. Deep breaths are love notes to your body, connecting mind, & spirit. Everyone needs a quiet place for their soul to speak.


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