The Revolutionary depolarization process makes waveguard different than other EMF & Harmonization devices on the market. This technology doesn't require electricity or batteries to work, as it utilizes a special QI liquid that reduces the strength and re-naturalizes harmful EMFS.

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What are EMFs?

EMFs stands for electromagnetic fields or frequencies.

Electromagnetic fields are invisible waves of energy that generate radiation.

  • Natural sources, like sunlight, are non-polarized
  • Man-made EMFs, like mobile phones, laptops, or cell towers, are polarized and can be harmful

Exposure to man-made EMFs, has been found by a number of independent, non-industry funded scientists and doctors to be detrimental to health.

Link to our webinar that expands on the danger of EMFs and 5G.

How do Qi devices work?

Waveguard devices work by depolarizing the man-made EMFs in our environments to drastically reduce EMF radiation.

Natural EMFs are not polarized, but man-made EMFs are. Exposure to these polarized man-made EMFs can cause issues for every single cell in your body, impacting your health at every level.

By depolarizing this harmful man-made EMF radiation, we can help to reduce the adverse health impact of the electrosmog we find ourselves in.

What is depolarization?

Imagine a man-made EMF being like an ultra-focused ‘wave’ beam. When you depolarize this focused wave beam, its charge gets dispersed into a wider area, reducing the strength of the radiation (AKA the ‘field strength’). Now depolarized, this EMF is less harmful and cannot cause the same damaging effects to our bodies or cells.

What are the Reported Benefits of Qi Technologies?

  • Deeper, less disturbed & more restorative sleep
  • Fewer headaches
  • More stable heart rhythm
  • Less fatigue
  • Boosted energy and vitality
  • Increased stamina, focus, and mental clarity
  • Reduced feelings of stress, tension, and anxiety
  • Feeling happier and ‘lighter’
  • A sense of calm in the room

What studies have been done?

Waveguard has over 25 independent scientific studies, more than any other EMF protection device.

You can see an overview of the research here and can download each study to dive deeper.

What is the return policy?

There is a 30 day return policy on the Qi-Technologies, to give you the opportunity to try it out. You can read our refund policy here.

Why does your refund policy say to be eligible for a return, your item must be unused?

Please feel free to try out any of the Qi Devices for 30 days. If you are not totally satisfied, you can return it within the 30-day window of delivery. For this particular product, it does not need to be "unused".