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  • Harmonize the energy in any homes, restaurants, or workspaces.
  • Harmonize and neutralize EMF (3G, 4G, 5G, WiFi, microwaves, etc.).
  • Charge any object that fits into a Quantum Bloc with quantum energy!
  • You can copy any frequency into any object – in only 1 minute!
  • Size: 8 x 8 x 8 inch (20 x 20 x 20 cm)
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Product Overview
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Is there a License Agreement?

Yes, there is a license agreement for personal use. We do offer commercial agreements for anyone interested. If you are interested in using the Leela Quantum Technology commercially, you can email info[at]leelaq.com. The Quantum Bloc, the Infinity Bloc, and the Travel & Car Bloc product design patents have been granted for multiple countries, including the US, Europe, and Switzerland.

Let's Thrive, Not Just Survive

Toxins are everywhere, we can hardly escape them. Our air, water, and food are polluted, and electro-smog is present in our everyday lives, it has become important to protect ourselves from these negative influences, frequencies, and radiation. At LeelaQ we want to make sure your body’s own healing powers are active and that you have the positive energy you need to feel good.

Our products supply you with vitalizing quantum energy and supportive frequencies all day, while supporting your general body system, as well as your energy level.

Experience the powerful yet subtle quantum energy produced by a Leela Quantum Bloc!

Feel Full

of Energy All Day and Prevent Exhaustion


Fitness and Recover Faster

Simple & Fast

Working - 3 Minutes or Less

Scientifically Approved

By Independent Tests

Relax and Live

in the Moment

Bring the Future of Health and Wellness Into Your Home and Life

Here are some of the popular ways the Leela Quantum Bloc is bringing concentrated quantum energy to thousands of people’s homes, gardens and lives!

  • WaterYou can positively influence a lot of things in your life by charging your water with a Leela Quantum Bloc!
  • KitchenFood, Beverages, Plates, Cups, Glasses, Silverware
  • JewelryBracelets, Rings, Earrings, Necklaces
  • PhotosOf Yourself, Family, Friends, Areas Of Injury
  • Pet CareBowls, Collars, Pet Food
  • BathroomToothbrush, Cosmetics, Shower Head
What else can be charged?

With a Quantum Bloc, you can charge any object that fits into it within a matter of minutes. Dense materials will take longer to charge than less dense materials. 

Backed by Scientific Research, LeelaQ Bloc Has Shown Positive Results

If you want to improve your health and energy physically and mentally, you don’t want just any solution. You want a solution that has been scientifically tested and proven to actually work, providing long term results while also allowing you to take quantum leaps forward.


How to Harness the Power of Quantum Bloc

what’s Unique?

You Can Live Healthier! And It's Easier Than You Might Think

Leela Quantum Bloc has been scientifically tested and proven to provide quantum leaps forward in the area of health and energy. 

With a range of powerful features, Leela Quantum Bloc can:

  • Harmonize the Energy in Homes, Restaurants, and Workspaces
  • Neutralize Negative Frequencies
  • Harmonize and Neutralize EMFs
  • Charge Any Object That Fits Into a Quantum Bloc
  • The Range of the Quantum Bloc Is 40 – 45 M (130 – 145 Ft) in All Directions
  • Copy Any Frequency Into Any Object That Fits Into a Quantum Bloc
  • Support Your Plants, Seedlings and Trees

Tested by international experts

Dr. Gottfried Schoeler, an Austrian doctor, who studies blood with a darkfield microscope tested Leela Quantum Tech products by viewing a person’s blood before and after being exposed to the products. The goal of the study is to see the effect on a person’s blood when using our products. In this specific trial, the test subject had his blood studied before and after placing his hand in the Leela Quantum Bloc for 5 minutes.