Quantum Energy Water Bottle
Quantum Energy Water Bottle
Quantum Energy Water Bottle
Quantum Energy Water Bottle

Quantum Energy Water Bottle


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What’s included?

  • Capacity 500ml/ 16.91 fl oz
  • Refined with quantum energy
  • Design with bamboo
  • Double-wall stainless steel
  • Taking hot and cold drinks
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Product Overview
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Let's Thrive, Not Just Survive

Toxins are everywhere, we can hardly escape them. Our air, water and food are polluted, and electrosmog is present in our everyday life, it has become important to protect ourselves from these negative influences, frequencies and radiation. At LeelaQ we want to make sure your body’s own healing powers are active and that you have the positive energy you need to feel good.

Our products supply you with vitalizing quantum energy and supportive frequencies all day, while supporting your general body system, as well as your energy level.

Experience the powerful yet subtle quantum energy produced by a Leela Quantum Water Bottle!


Approved By
Independent Tests

Charged With


Portable and

Safe to Use- No Plugs
or Wires


Your Fitness and
Recover Faster

Simple & Fast

Water Charging

Quantum-Charged Water Enhances the Natural Vitality of Water

Leela Quantum Water Bottle has been scientifically tested and proven to provide quantum leaps forward in the area of health and energy.

With a range of powerful features, Leela Quantum Water Bottle is:

  • HandmadeUnique, elegant and durable design
  • Allergen-FreeSafe and stable for sensitive people
  • Refined With Quantum EnergyGentle and nurturing frequencies with every sip of water
  • Harmonizes the Structure of WaterImprove vitality, absorption and water energy
  • Neutralize Negative FrequenciesIncrease calmness, joy, and peace of mind

Backed by Scientific Research, Leela Quantum Water Bottle Has Shown Positive Results

If you want to improve your wellbeing and energy physically and mentally, you don’t want just any solution. You want a solution that has been scientifically tested and proven to actually work, providing long term results while also allowing you to take quantum leaps forward.

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What’s Unique?

Water Quality, Taste and Health With Every Sip!

The Leela Quantum Water Bottle is bringing quantum energy to thousands of people world wide.

The stainless steel is charged with:

  • H.E.A.L.® Frequencies
  • Biobase Frequencies
  • Primal Healing Water Frequencies.

It optimises the water structure and improves the quality of the water after only a few minutes. However for a perfect result, we recommend leaving your water to charge for about 25-30 minutes.


Tested by international experts

The Emoto Institute Japan tested our products to study and visualize their effect on water. The results show a significant change in distilled water after being exposed to the Leela Quantum Bottle