February Travel Blog

Well, well, well, here we are in the second month of the year and another opportunity to explore this world, inner self, new friendships, and deepening time with my love Fairy.

February is the month of Aquarius, which Fairy and I both are – it’s one of the fun things we bond over. Every year my goal is to exceed the expectations of my queen as to how we celebrate our birthdays. We don’t buy gifts, we create experiences. That’s been our rule for a long time, as we don’t care about “replaceable” things, but rather magical time to expand our souls. Many people go their whole lives with the intention that when they retire they will do all of these things, but how about you make your life the fullest, most magical exchange of experiences and gifts of all time? That would be our life ♥️ selected and consciously created, not run by fears or worries, but rather surrender and trust 🥹

I got a little distracted there. Back to the month of February. So when we got married in Ecuador, I was talking with Gordon (our travel agent) as to where we could use our miles and surprise my queen for both a secret birthday and our honeymoon. 

Well, Gordon replied that there are 4 destinations and one of them was New Zealand. I instantly got a deep yes and started thinking about how to make it the most magical time. This time, I wanted to be as connected to nature as possible, while still having the opportunity to explore the whole country. We’ve had quite a few people requesting for us to come to New Zealand, so the thought that came to me was why don’t we also connect it with a couple of events? I think by now my team hates this, but yes, we decided about 10 days before going that we were going to put up 4 events to activate NZ on the maps for our UNITy mission System Reset experiences. 

So there Fairy, Pixie, and I were on a long flight leaving from California on the 29th and arriving on the 31st. Just FYI, the craziest thing was that Fairy’s birthday is on the 30th, and we skipped that day in the air! Sorry love :-)

Trip to NZ pictures: 

Once we arrived in New Zealand, I immediately had to hop back onto calls, working around time zones with my other company Athena Health. We went straight to nature, taking meetings, getting grounded, and becoming so excited to be in this land. We both instantly felt this beautiful energy getting restored and nourished by the summer. If it was for us we would chase the spring all year long – I think we’ll do it this year so that we can spend time following the warmth in the right hemisphere 😻

The first time I ever went to New Zealand was as a pro cyclist training and racing about 15 years ago. The second time was about 7 years ago when I was scoping locations for Orangetheory Fitness. Now, I got to share this with the love of my life and our NOAMOVEMENT. 

We started the first 4 days around the Auckland area, with my daily calls starting at 4 am, way before the girls woke up so that we were able to take our afternoon trips. We saw the amazing Piha Beach, went into hot springs, explored the city of Auckland, and so much more.

Photos from the first 4 days:

After this, our first-ever Auckland System Reset came in hot! We ended up selling out our entire venue, which was so incredibly amazing considering it was our first time there. We had some of the coolest angels, from the most incredible singer and cacao facilitator to this magical musician who had instruments I’d never even seen before. 

Pictures from System Reset:

Well now by now maybe you get the idea that we are kind of wild at heart, always thinking of being in the flow of “what if we did this?” We were so close to Fiji, so one of those thoughts Fairy and I had was what if we jumped over for a couple of days to visit the island where Tony Robbins has his hotel Namale? Well of course it was Yes lmao – still don’t know how we always do it. We decided to chat with our best friend Gordon (travel agent) about how we would love to figure out a way to make it there for a couple of days and then fly directly down to Wellington where our next event was. 

Little by little we were on the way. Now, to be honest, after so much travel it was not necessarily the smartest idea as we had to fly into the main island and then take another flight. 

On the way to Namale Resort, the manager called us to let us know that it’s an adults-only resort. It would never even cross our minds that it would be adults only. We had our newborn with us, so we had to either switch hotels or politely ask them to stay. They were nice enough to let us stay with the 200+ staff, as we were the only two on the whole property. It was quite shocking that it was totally empty. We, of course, loved it and got to have some magical experiences, like hiking to a waterfall with our little Pixie, as well as having dinner inside this magical cave thanks to the staff that fell in love with our baby and watched her. 

Pictures from Fiji:

Overall the energy of Fiji didn’t really suit us, so we were so excited to be coming back to New Zealand. We, of course, had a huge new escapade to get through with multiple flights, as well as a pretty long flight down to Wellington. 

When we made it to Wellington our energy immersed again into the magical island. After we rented a car, we had some emergency diapers to buy because we ran out of our supplies. The same day that we had arrived we had our first event at a sports center, which had another amazing crowd. We got to walk around the town but, unfortunately, didn’t have enough time in this city to truly explore it as much as we would’ve liked. 

Pictures from Wellington: 

After Wellington, we headed to Christchurch. This was definitely a lot for us with it being the next day, but we knew we only had two events left and then we could drop into the beauty of New Zealand. When we landed, we went straight to the hotel, only to realize that it was the wrong one lol. Because of our massive amount of luggage, they were sweet enough to drive us to our actual hotel. My girls were quite tired, and I had to hop on back-to-back calls as soon as we landed to keep up with all of our companies, only to forget that I was supposed to be on a podcast :-) 

Sometimes our schedules are so packed, and when you don’t have a team with you to keep you on track you forget how much you miss everyone on the NOA team. That being said, I had to quickly put on some clothes and rush to this venue where I was awaited by a film crew and an amazing podcast interview. It is so awesome to be invited to spread our message with so many communities, and I’m grateful that our message resonates with so many. 

After this event, I got to realize my child’s dream. We did our System Reset experience in a trampoline park, which also had a really cool venue. I asked the owners right before if there was any way that we could surprise everyone and do our dance part on a trampoline park. I got yes, it was so much fun! We also lucked out with a great group of instrumentalists, and the energy overall was so amazing.

Pictures from Christchurch:

After Christchurch, we knew the fun was about to begin. We rented an RV and decided to go off into the wild South Island. Our first goal was to make it as close to Queenstown as possible, and on the way hit several amazing spots. This land was so magical, but because of the patchy signal, I unfortunately missed quite a few calls :-) 

We ended up driving to this beautiful lake and found a little place to crash. Man, we were broken up lol. It’s been a while since we camped and definitely underestimated how our lack of sleep would impact us. We had a horrible cold sleep, but afterward had this other amazing podcast interview at the Aroha Retreat Center. We did our podcast in the sauna and then got to do some hot and cold therapy with the staff and host; this was so fun!

It was the last day of a tight schedule, and we had to drive back to town for our System Reset experience, and boy this was amazing. It was this super huge venue with drapes and lights in the heart of town, with some of the coolest people and instrumentals again!!

Pictures from Queenstown System Reset:

Once we finished, we needed some sleep. We wanted to see if before we went off the grid if we could find some hotel nearby, but everything except for two very expensive hotels was left. We ended up staying and recovering at this amazing hotel, but boy it’s insane how one town can get so busy that no Airbnb’s are left in town. 

In the morning, it was the start of our 4 days of unhooking from everyone, going deeply into slower time spent with my girls. We started the day with soaking tubs before heading to get some breakfast and tour around town. After we filled our RV with healthy supplies, we had the next destination ahead of us! Milford Sound. 

Ok so if we loved NZ before this, wow what a drive! We ended up sleeping in some camps and decided to fully explore for the next couple of nights. We got to go on this beautiful boat trip where Pixie, as always, was taken from us ;-) This time she was watched by Korean friends who we met – everyone always ends up wanting to hang out with her. Our sweet crystal Venusian child. 

Our last stop was driving back to Christchurch and spending the night at this beautiful bay. On the way, we got to see the highest mountain in NZ. We definitely weren’t ready to leave just yet, but work and our other kids were calling us back home to Alabama. 

We have these blocks every month for about 4-10 days, depending on the month, to catch up with Bodhi and Bella, as well as regroup from all of our travels at our Biohacking home full of toys to help us restore. 

When I’m home, I usually have a strong routine where I take the kids to school in the morning, but then have limited time before coming back for them. I typically wake up very early and go into silence and nature, practicing my 8-point lifestyle so that I can bring them to school and spend the following 6 hours back-to-back on calls. I keep my afternoon for them as when I’m with them I want to be all in. I usually end up immersing myself in something every day to develop our creativity, fun, music, sports, dance, and more!

Oh, I forgot! It was my birthday on the 17th, so we had some cute times with all of the kiddos: 

After our time back home, we were back on the road, but this time the destination was Miami. Right before our trip all of our kids got sick, including Fairy, who never gets sick, so unfortunately they all had to stay home. In Miami we had a hell of a week – we had our exhibitors booth at the biohackers expo, our own wellness stage with a full-day program, and a schedule full of meetings and recordings in between.

On the way there, I started to feel sick as well. I was like “nooo not right now,” so, of course, headed right to our sweet friends at the Centners Wellness to do some major biohacks with the whole team. I did a super high dose of 75g of vitamin C, and we all did some EES scalar technology to keep us strong. 

We had such an amazing atmosphere on this trip. Our team is just so lovely, and I’m so grateful for all of our moments. It’s our tradition to get a big Airbnb and live together for a couple of days, as there is nothing better than bonding, doing our morning routines together, meditating, visualizing the impact that we want to have on others, and going into BEing part of the NOA movement in service to others. We crushed it all weekend and survived. I taught countless lessons and lectures, DJ’ed a Saturday night party, and did at least 8 interviews in 3 days 🍀 Man but my body! I love and appreciate the amount of energy and healing you provide 😇

Pictures from Expo: 


I want to also share that we had our dear social media crew come film a bunch of amazing scenes from Argentina so that we could share more of what our mission is about with the world. I want to give a huge thanks to Heather, Sean, Stacy, Tiffany, and Kamil for coming with us and following their hearts to greatness.

Now if you thought that this was it, nope! We had another event Sunday afternoon at Palm Island with the Centners, which turned out so amazing. We had a huge group of people and a powerful team to support the transition into darkness, plus a magical sunset and huge boats leaving from the harbor for the week.

Pictures from Palm Island: 


After Miami, I flew straight to Austin, TX where I went on a podcast with Luke Story. I was really toasted by this time, but the funniest thing happened. I thought that our team grabbed the rental car on the way to the airport, as they left earlier, but I was so tired in the morning that I just got an Uber and left. Turns out I left our rental car at the Airbnb, and oh man! That was a project to get it back to our dear friend Yana. Thank you for cleaning up our mess.

In Austin, I went straight to all my healthy pit stops, nourished myself, got an IV, and grounded in nature with some sun exposure and breathwork right before our podcast. We had such a great conversation with Luke about sovereignty as a state, and I ended up missing my flight back home. This is, by the way, something so important that we are going through right now – how to avoid being in the “fake” system altogether and still have an amazing life without being bound to the District of Columbia incorporated laws. 

Since I lost the last connection, I decided to sleep overnight in Austin, use the next day for work, and then go directly to Spokane where Fairy and the kids would meet us before our Canadian tour. I felt so bad to leave Fairy with all the kiddos, but thankfully our oldest Bella got her back, and we all met in Spokane. 

I could not indulge, as I was there earlier and invited my dad for a morning ski run! We hadn’t been together in a long time, and as much as the snow was bad, we still had a great time.

Ski pictures: 

Boy! What a month! I don’t think I could possibly compress anymore. The summary and main lesson is I can’t go multiple weeks without a day off. This time, with all of our weekend events and the fast growth we are experiencing, I wasn’t properly allowing my days off, and I definitely paid for it later. It is so crucial to keep slowing down and enjoying life in between the craziness. I’m so grateful for all of these amazing lessons, people, and places that we got to experience. We’re heading straight from Spokane to Canada, then to Thailand and Australia, which are coming up next month 🥹 see you then 

Main highlight pictures: