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This course has been specifically designed to be used at will depending on a state you are looking to reach or overcome. Whatever you'd like to do several recordings in 1 day or over a week's time is totally up to you. Start with going through each one to master these techniques and go back to them as you need.

Breathing meditation technique

Frequency sound healing

Visualization & reconciliation techniques

Claiming energy technique

Melatonin activation breathing technique

Lucid dreaming frequency & meditation

Delta waves activation

Hear From Our Mindful Community


  • Foundational and advanced breathwork techniques
  • Instant Presence tools
  • The Wim Hof Method
  • System Reset Tools (meditation, coding, affirmations, etc)
  • Teachings of General Awesomeness (Me-We-Be)
  • Rewiring brain techniques
  • Solfeggio Healing Sound & Binaural beat therapy
  • Variety of Healing Techniques & Harmonizations
  • Ancestral & deep spiritual connection
  • Mind, Body, Emotional recalibration training
  • Tribal movement & modernized approach to ecstatic dance
  • Contemporary Meditation techniques
  • Hoʻoponopono
  • Trauma Release Methods and new habit formation.
  • Law of attraction and acceleration.
  • Breathwork for sleep recording, energy and fitness.

Scientific Benefits

  • Reduced stress
  • Controls anxiety
  • Increased energy & willpower
  • Promotes emotional & mental wellbeing
  • Enhances self-awareness
  • Can generate kindness
  • May help fight addictions
  • Improves sleep
  • Can decrease blood pressure & helps control pain & digestion
  • Boost your immune system
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Improved condition of your heart and lungs
  • Increased muscular strength, endurance, & motor fitness
  • Increased aerobic fitness
  • Improved muscle tone and strength
  • Increased endurance and recovery

A Journey of Transformation and Meditation

Episode outline

Episode 1: Intro

Discover a life-changing journey with our transformative course inspired by a 10-day dark room retreat. Overcoming pain, dissatisfaction, and health issues, our founder embarked on a global quest, learning from renowned teachers for 15 years. Now, we're here to share powerful tools, making transformation accessible and joyful for everyone. Whether you revisit the course or complete it once, the choice is yours. Join us in this transformative journey – you can do it with the support of our community. Good luck on your path, filled with love and a virtual hug from us. This wouldn't be possible without the push from our Fairy to bring this experience to the comfort of your home!

Episode 2: Breathing 1 on 1 - Foundation of Breathwork

Embark on a transformative journey of instant presence with our inspired tools from Kriya Yoga and modern studies. Elevate awareness, reduce stress, and boost Heart Rate Variability (HRV) by seamlessly integrating these techniques into your daily routine. Shift from constant "doing" to a state of "being" through mindful pauses between activities. Begin your day with Wim Hof Retention breathing for stress reduction and increased energy. Explore controlled exhale breathing and powerful DMT breath for heightened awareness and profound reset. Master box breathing to slow down, calm the mind, and achieve a harmonious balance. Conclude with a heart-coherence meditation inspired by the Heart Math Institute, connecting with instant presence. Take charge of your mental and emotional well-being, embracing a life guided by awareness, intention, and harmonious balance.

Episode 3: Daily Reset Exercise - Workday Stress Relief

Unlock the power to "hack" your state at will with our transformative techniques inspired by Dr. Joe Dispenza's "energy center blessing," Wim Hof retention breathing, and power squeeze. Dive into profound body awareness, emotional well-being, and experience total peace, love, and joy. Ideal for shifting mindsets, energizing your day, or recovering from intense physical exercise, this technique is a game-changer.

Explore stress-relief breathing, master instant presence through repetition, and use visualization techniques for mind-body mastery. Activate and harmonize your energy centers, harness the power of gratitude, and embrace positive thoughts for a transformative shift. Elevate your experience with frequency sound healing. Unleash your potential with these powerful tools and take charge of your well-being.

Episode 4: Wim Hof Retention Breathing - Foundational Training

Unlock the potential of controlled hyperventilation and breath retention with our cutting-edge kit. Elevate your well-being with key features like three rounds of retention breathing, stress reduction techniques, guided meditation, and inspirational content. Immerse yourself in therapeutic frequency sound healing, expedite post-exercise recovery, and enjoy improved sleep quality. Enhance sports performance, tap into creativity, and boost mental clarity with power breathing. Revitalize your life with this comprehensive solution for better physical health and mental well-being. Breathe in possibilities, exhale stress—order your Power Breathing Kit today!

Episode 5: Power Breath for Trauma Healing - Shadow Work

Embark on a profound journey of self-discovery with our Nasal Power Breath Experience. Dive into advanced deep nasal breathing, activating your brain and addressing stored emotional trauma. This transformative session includes a 5-stage acceptance process, frequency sound healing, affirmations, and a trauma release technique. Buckle up for a ride through shadow work, where, at the end of pain and sorrow, awaits love, joy, and acceptance. Breathe, release, and rediscover yourself.

Episode 6: Complete System Reset - The Transformation

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Episode 7: Get Ecstatic - Self Expression Through Dance

Experience the freedom to move, dance, scream, and love yourself in our transformative session. Rediscover the ancient power of ecstatic dance, guided movement, and primal connections. Groove to a live DJ set, engage in power breathing, and embrace animal movements. This isn't just about dancing; it's a journey within. Be WILD—feel it, allow it, and embrace it! Your time to connect with yourself and the universe starts now.

Episode 8: Contemporary Meditation - Connection to Your Soul

Unlock self-awareness and self-realization through meditation—the key to recharging your guiding centers. Explore a variety of techniques, from traditional Zen to modern breath practices, fostering calmness and inspiration. Immerse in a frequency sound healing journey and expand awareness with alpha and theta techniques. Modernized Pranayama, psychic sense activation, and deep controlled breathing techniques lead you to a harmonious existence. Elevate your life with the transformative power of meditation—your journey to inner peace starts here.

Episode 9: Breathing for Sleep - Delta Brain Waves & Lucid Dreaming

End your day with serenity using our powerful blend of meditation, breathwork, and frequency sound healing. Slow down your thoughts, calm your nervous system, and access deep REM sleep for ultimate restoration. Engage in this pre-sleep journey, lying on your back or try it in a partner setting for an added connection. Reclaim energy, activate melatonin, and explore lucid dreaming with this tranquil night routine. Embrace peaceful sleep and wake up rejuvenated each morning.

Episode 10: Breathwork For Energy - Activate Unlimited Energy From Within

Revitalize your energy with our special episode! Utilize a potent two-part breathing technique to activate immense "fire energy" within. Choose to tap into unified realms of existence, inspired by practices like Qi-Gong. Engage in a short, dynamic routine, including all energy center activation and a whirling fire flame technique. Enhance the experience with frequency sound healing. Repeat for 2-3 rounds for a quick energy charge. Seize your power—you are unstoppable!

Episode 11: Cleansing Through Breath, Water & Sound - Water Coding and Restoration

Tap into the wisdom of Dr. Emoto's water studies—discover the profound link between thoughts and emotions with our body's water systems. With tools like Nasal Yogi Breath and Open Eye Fire Breath, communicate with your inner waters, fostering instant miracles in your life. Engage in a Water Cleansing Exercise, accompanied by Frequency Sound Healing, Psychic & Shamanic Connection, and the Restoration of Your Soul. Experience a journey to inner harmony by connecting your mind and body with the language of water.

Episode 12: Best Morning Ever- Routine & Rituals

Revitalize your mornings with our "Being Awesome" ritual—a quick blend of physical activations, Wim Hof Retention, visualization, and sound healing tailored for a busy lifestyle. Energize and focus your mind scientifically with Wim Hof Retention Breathing, activate your body through dynamic stretches and intentional breathwork, tap into vital energy with a specialized activation of "Qi," boost physical strength with a quick Power Push-Up session, infuse joy with an ecstatic dance and easy water activation, and harness the power of positive visualization and affirmations to strengthen self-belief. Embrace this balanced, energizing routine and transform your day into a revitalized experience!