Account and setup

How can I get the Airofit app?

You can download the Airofit Sport App from App Store on iOS devices and from Google Play Store on Android devices and install it on your smartphone.

Please note that Airofit is compatible with iOS version 12 or newer, and Android version 7 or newer

How do I connect my Airofit breathing trainer to the app?

  1. Turn Bluetooth on your phone ON 
  2. Open your Airofit app
  3. Turn your Airofit trainer ON by pressing the button quick – the LED starts to blink 
  4. Your trainer will be automatically connected within 15 seconds

How do I charge my Airofit trainer?

PRO 1.0: You will find the charging plug inside the removable E-unit. Insert your Micro USB cable to charge your Airofit trainer. If the light on the button is blinking green you have inserted the cable correctly and your Airofit is charging. Once fully charged, the button will light green.

PRO 2.0: You will find the charging connectors inside the removable E-unit. Place your magnetic charger in the charging connectors. If the light on the button is blinking green, your Airofit is charging. Once fully charged, the button will light green.

How do I change or reset my password in the Airofit app?

Open your app and select the Settings icon in the top right corner of the Home screen. The password can be reset in the Account section.

I have forgotten my password to the Airofit app. What should I do?

Open your app, click on “Already have an account – login here”. Then you should select “Forgot password – click here”.


How do I take the lung test correctly?

Try to focus not necessarily on force, but on control. Make sure that you’re utilizing your diaphragm. This means making sure that you’re breathing through your belly and using those muscles as much as possible for both inspiratory and expiratory. 

Keep in mind your test results can vary if you take the test different times/ under different condition. For instance, your lung test results may differ if you have just eaten compared to when the stomach is empty. To learn more, please watch the following video:

What parameters are used in the app?

The parameters that are measured and presented in the app are your Vital Lung Capacity (VLC), Maximal Inspiratory Pressure (MIP), and Maximal Expiratory Pressure (MEP) at the given resistances.

The Airofit system contains pressure sensors and translates the pressure into vital capacity and peak pressure. This indicates the inspiratory and expiratory strength. In theory, it is created by algorithms, correlating pressure and flow into volume.

How do I track my results?

Select the “Activity” icon on the navigation panel at the bottom of your screen. Here you can find your training progress and statistics.

Will Airofit add more programs or sessions to the app in the future?

Yes! The app and its content will constantly be under development, and new training sessions and programs will be added.

How often should I train?

We recommend you train your breathing every day. Remember that it is not about training for a long period of time. 10-15 minutes a day is more than enough but consistency is key!

If you train daily, we do recommend you split your program into two and train twice a day. The best results are obtained when you complete two training sessions at different times of the day.

How do I hold the trainer properly?

You should be relaxed and standing or sitting upright. Hold the trainer with your hand on the E-Unit (black part on the main body). Make sure that the openings near the wheels are not obstructed. Now place the trainer in your mouth so that your lips cover the outer shield of the mouthpiece to make a seal. Look straight forward, looking down can cause more salivating.

App settings & features

How do I delete Airofit data and activities in the app?

Both training session and lung test data can be deleted when viewed under the ‘Activity’ page.

How do I set up reminders?

Open your app and select the Settings icon in the top right corner of the Home screen. Scroll down to the Program section and turn receiving notifications on. Then select the daily reminder time and choose when you want to be reminded.

In how many languages is the app available?

The app is currently available in 13 languages: Arabic, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, Portuguese, Spanish and Turkish. 

How do I change the language in the Airofit app?

Open your app and select the Settings icon in the top right corner of the Home screen. Scroll down to the About section and choose Language.

Maintenance & Cleaning

How do I clean my Airofit respiratory trainer?

Always remove the E-unit before cleaning with water or other liquids! 

After each training we recommend that you wash the device in warm water, shake off excess water and blow through the device to remove water that might still be inside the device. Dry fully with a clean towel.

Click here to watch our maintenance video for more information.

How can I take care of my E-Unit?

  • Let the e-unit fully charge (at least three hours or overnight) at least once a month, even when not in use 🙂
  • Do not assemble your device immediately after it has been cleaned.
  • Make sure that your E-Unit stays as dry as possible.
  • Do not store your device uncharged for a long period of time