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“I bought 2 Qi-Shields. We had to travel to Boston for a few days without the Qi-Shields. As soon as we arrived in Boston, my husband asked why we didn't bring the EMF shields.”

Shirley Y.

My wife and I are very happy with how it works, we always have Qi-Me with us wherever we go and our Qi-Home looks good where it is and makes it a little nicer and easier to be in our home.

Jim Y.

I received my Qi-Shield perfectly packaged and have been using it for a few days now. I am very happy with my purchase. I feel calmer with my Qi Shield near me.

Iciar S.

Do you know that you are already living around Harmful radiation?

Type Of EMF

  • Natural

  • Man Made

Harmful Man Made EMFS

shown in studies to cause health problems
  • Radio Frequency (RF)

    Common sources include Wi-Fi routers, 5G, cordless phones, mobile phones, smart tech, smart meters and microwaves

How is it impacting your Health?

"6,000 scientific articles have been published worldwide demonstrating the toxicity of electromagnetic radiation”

Dominique Belpomme

Professor of Oncology at the University Paris-Descartes

What the research is saying

World Health Organization Classifies Electromagnetic Fields As A Possible Carcinogen To Humans

How waveguard works

It's like an air filter for radiation

This demonstrates how depolorization works. Scientists at the University of Athens first investigated the effects of polorized radiation. When exmaining the main difference between man made and natural electomagetic fields in terms of biological activity, the following was found. Non-Newtonian fluids effectively disperse the waves of radiation, therby causing depolarization. These now scattered waves resemble natural radiation and are compleley harmless to biological organisms. 

How to protect yourself and work around EMFs

Waveguard technology makes EMF’s harmless with simple physics. It creates an effective Protection zone with the Qi-Liquid When the harmful EMF’s interact with the Qi-Liquid the field strength of the radiation is reduced making it harmless.

Protect Yourself Now



Users report increased energy, focus & reduced feelings of stress while at home, work & traveling


Studies show that water near Waveguard become enhanced with antioxidant properties


Waveguard products protect against harmful radiation including 3G,4G,5G, Wifi and EMFs


It's proprietary natural technology generates its own power, eliminating the need for external power


Users report a more stable heart rhythm, deeper, more improved sleep and alleviated EHS symptoms

choose what you want


approx. 7.5 meters

EMF Protection

Mobile usable

5G optimized


ca. 8kg

39 x 12 cm

ca. 12 h **

copper ring and pine wood or beach wood refined with pollutant-free hard wax oil

Protect Yourself Now


1.5 / 2.5 meters*

EMF Protection

Mobile usable

5G optimized


ca. 850g

8 x 16 cm

ca. 1min **

original copper sleeve / nickel-plated / gold-plated and oiled walnut wood

Protect Yourself Now

qi max

approx. 50 meters

EMF Protection

Mobile usable

5G optimized


ca. 20kg

60 x 18 cm

ca. 24 h **

copper ring and pine wood or beach wood refined with pollutant-free hard wax oil

Protect Yourself Now


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Independent studies


  • Když zařízení držíte, naprosto ucítíte rozdíl...

    Když používáte tento druh ochranného zařízení EMP, máte více energie, máte lepší spánek a můžete mít méně mozkové mlhy.

    Všiml jsem si toho zvláště po opravdu intenzivním dni, kdy jsem dělal podcasty, moje bezdrátové připojení je vypnuté a stejně mám spoustu EMP.

    Dave Asprey

    Otec biohackingu, autor a podnikatel

  • Nikdy jsem nespal tak dobře, jako spím teď...

    Spánek beru velmi vážně, protože jako novinář deset let, o něco více než deset let...

    Když to přidám, přidala se mi podpora navíc a upřímně, můžu říct, že nejen lépe spím, ale celkově se energie v domácnosti, klid v domácnosti zlepšily.

    Frank Elaridi

    Čtyřnásobný novinář oceněný cenou Emmy

  • Včera, když testovala mého syna Bena s QiShield. Ukázalo se, že je to velmi užitečné s jeho citlivostí na EMP!

    Chodíme k holistickému lékaři, který aktivně propaguje zmírnění a bezpečnost EMP. Dělá něco, co se nazývá Autonomic Response Testing (ART), což je vysoce citlivá a přesná forma testování biologické zpětné vazby, kterou vyvinuli Dietrich Klinghardt, MD Ph.D, a Louisa Williams, DC ND.

    Pam Goldsteinová

    Syn trpí EHS

  • Neuvědomila jsem si jak citlivá doopravdy jsem na elektro magnetickou technologii.! Po pár dnů kdy jsem získala svůj Qi-Shield, jsem si uvědomila jak se neuvěřitelně cítím lépe fyzicky I tělesně po tak krátké době, mezi pouhých 5 až 14 dnů.

    Jsem zaneprázdněný vysokoškolák, který
    tráví nespočet hodin prací na svém počítači a pravidelně jsem trpěl mozkovou mlhou a úzkostí.

    Když jsem začal používat qi-štít, I
    zaznamenala výrazné zlepšení mého stresu a duševní jasnosti.

    Christine Ellingtonová



EMFs stands for electromagnetic fields or frequencies.

Electromagnetic fields are invisible waves of energy that generate radiation.

  • Natural sources, like sunlight, are non-polarized
  • Man-made EMFs, like mobile phones, laptops or cell towers, are polarized and can be harmful

Exposure to man-made EMFs, has been found by a number of independent, non-industry funded scientists and doctors to be detrimental to health.

Link to our webinar that expands on the danger of EMFs and 5G

Waveguard devices work by depolarizing the man-made EMFs in our environments to drastically reduce EMF radiation.

Natural EMFs are not polarized, but man-made EMFs are. Exposure to these polarized man-made EMFs can cause issues for every single cell in your body, impacting your health at every level.

By depolarizing this harmful man-made EMF radiation, we can help to reduce the adverse health impact of the electrosmog we find ourselves in.

Imagine a man-made EMF being like an ultra-focused ‘wave’ beam. When you depolarize this focused wave beam, its charge gets dispersed into a wider area, reducing the strength of the radiation (AKA the ‘field strength’). Now depolarized, this EMF is less harmful and cannot cause the same damaging effects to our bodies or cells.

  • Deeper, less disturbed & more restorative sleep
  • Fewer headaches
  • More stable heart rhythm
  • Less fatigue
  • Boosted energy and vitality
  • Increased stamina, focus and mental clarity
  • Reduced feelings of stress, tension and anxiety
  • Feeling happier and ‘lighter’
  • A sense of calm in the room

Waveguard has over 25 independent scientific studies, more than any other EMF protection device.

You can see an overview of the research here and can download each study to dive deeper.

There is a 30 day return policy on the Qi-Technologies, to give you the opportunity to try it out. You can read our refund policy here

Please feel free to try out any of the Qi Devices for 30 days. If you are not totally satisfied, you can return it within the 30 day window of delivery. For this particular product, it does not need to be "unused".

There is a 2 year warranty. This warranty excludes damage caused by you as a result of impact, fall or manipulation of the devices (e.g. by opening, repair attempts or changes to the devices), external influences such as cold or water damage.

EMFs affect every person differently; therefore, EMF protection shows different benefits depending on the individual. We highly recommend tracking your results with the before/after questionnaire we send so you know exactly how it’s affecting you. If you have a sleep tracker like Oura Ring or Whoop Band this can also be extremely helpful as it provides more in-depth health insights.

The lifespan depends on the Qi liquid's interaction with the surrounding EMFs, the more EMFs around, the more of the Qi liquid is being used. For example, if you live in a home in a rural area, the devices should function optimally for their maximum time. If you have MANY sources of EMF (such as a high rise or office building in New York), the function of the Qi liquid would diminish at a faster rate.

Keeping in mind the lifespan, and knowledge of how it affects your body, this will give you a good indication of when it is time to recharge.

Qi-Shield - Immediately (5ft radius) and increases the protection field after one hour in the same place to (8ft radius)
Qi-Home - 12hrs to build full protection
Qi-Max - 24hrs to build full protection

Qi-Shield: 8.2 ft. horizontally and 5.2 ft. vertically
Qi-Home Cell: 24.6 ft. horizontally and 16.5 ft. vertically
Qi-Max Cell: 164 ft. horizontally and 115 ft. vertically

For the total diameter of coverage simply double the values above.

When stationary, the Qi-Shield provides an EMF protection field of 8 ft. radius (16 ft diameter) in width and 5 ft. radius (10 ft. diameter) in height. When mobile, the Qi-Shield provides an EMF protection field of 5 ft. radius (10 ft. diameter) in width.

The Qi-Home Cell creates an EMF protection field of 25 ft. radius (50 ft. diameter) in width and 16.5 ft. radius (33 ft. diameter) in height, protecting your family against mobile phone radiation, WiFi, electrical frequencies, electro-magnetic frequencies.

The Qi-Max Cell creates an EMF protection field of 164 ft. radius (328 ft. diameter) in width and 115 ft. radius (230 ft. diameter) in height, protecting your family, workplace and business against mobile phone radiation, WiFi, electrical frequencies, electro-magnetic frequencies. This is the most powerful Qi-Technologies product.

Qi Technologies offers protection against EMFs without interfering with your wireless devices. This means that you can continue using your phone, laptop, WiFi router, etc as normal, all whilst experiencing effective 5G/WiFi/EMF defense. With that being said, even with the Qi Technology, we still recommend reducing unnecessary exposure where you can. Book a free EMF home evaluation with one of our team members for easy things you can do now to protect you & your families health!

Track your sleep 7-10 days before and after receiving your Qi Device using any of the following:

  • Tracking device such as Oura Ring
  • App on your phone
  • Questionnaire emailed to you at time of purchase + 20 days later to compare results

Other devices claim to harmonize the EMF, which is different from depolarizing. These may work to a certain extent in a different way on a smaller scale, but make sure to look at the studies and see the exact findings.

Qi Technologies are the only devices on the market that use depolarization, and have over 25 independent, non-industry funded,scientific studies
to back it up.

Qi Devices work by depolarizing the man-made EMFs in our environments. This makes the working area “biologically safer” - it does not stop EMFs, it simply mitigates the effects on the body. Therefore, you will still get a reading on an amateur meter.

'Safe distance to technology' is the distance we recommend keeping your Qi-Technologies® device away from any EMF source. EMF sources include electrical wiring in the walls, phones, laptops, etc). Safe distance is as follows:

Qi-Shield: at least 1 ft. / 30cm

Qi-Home Cell: at least 1.6 ft. / 50cm

Qi-Max Cell: at least 3.3 ft. / 1m

If you place your Qi device too close to an EMF source it will hinder your Qi device’s ability to create a working area of protection (and therefore stop your Qi device from working to its full effectiveness).

The Qi-Shield, Qi-Home Cell and Qi-Max Cell are all 5G ready.

You can expect your device to be delivered in about 3-5 business days. 

Our fulfillment operates Monday - Friday. Orders placed over the weekend will go out Monday morning. The daily timeline cutoff is 2 pm EST. If you place an order prior to this time, it will go out the same day. After this time it will go on the shipment on the following day.

* May vary depending on stock availability. The update time to ship is always shown on the product page at the time of purchase.

It depends on the Qi liquid's interaction with the EMF, the more EMF around, the more of the Qi liquid is being used. For example, if there are less than 10 sources of wifi in your home, the Qi-Shield should function optimally for 3-5 years. If you have more wifi than that, the function of the Qi liquid will diminish at a faster rate. Also take into account your living environment such as apartments, neighbors wifi, cell towers nearby, etc. as well as any future potentially stronger rollouts such as 6G and beyond.

Lifespan of each:

The Qi-Shield will last up to 5 years, but we do not offer recharge on these smaller devices. Instead, we are happy to offer a discount on your next device purchase.

The Qi-Home Cell and Qi-Max Cell will last up to 8 years, before needing to be recharged.

To recharge your device, we will help you facilitate sending your device back to the manufacturer in Germany and they will recharge it for you for a service fee. You can get in touch with us at the time and we'll help you to organize this.

Please note the manufacturer does not offer recharge on the Qi-Shield. Instead, we are happy to offer a discount on your next device purchase.

One tip is to leave your Qi-Shield on top of your Qi-Home when not in use. This will extend the lifespan of the device as it is within the field of the Qi-Home and therefore less EMF source to be depolarizing AKA using less Qi liquid.

The exact cost is not calculated until the device is delivered and inspected, but you can expect it to be approximately 10% of the product price, for recharge including shipping. 

Please note the manufacturer does not offer recharge on The Qi-Shield. Instead, we are happy to offer a discount on your next device purchase.

It takes approximately 2 weeks for Qi-Technologies® to recharge a Qi device once received. The recharging takes place in Germany, so the complete turnaround time would need to include additional shipping time to and from Germany.

To enjoy the benefits of Qi enriched water, we recommend that you place a glass of water next to your Qi-Home Cell / Qi-Max Cell device before you go to bed at night, and consume the following morning. Any water within the area of coverage will benefit from Qi enrichment.

Click here to view the study done by Dartsch Scientific on the Qi-Home Cell & water quality.

Please note the Qi-Shield, Qi-Home Cell, and Qi-Max Cell have a beneficial effect on water.

Yes, Qi-Technologies® devices have an advantage in food. Just as Qi-Technologies® devices restructure water, the water in the food is also restructured, making it more digestible and durable.

It's perfectly normal for your Qi-Shield to develop grey/black lines around it - it is simply an effect of the material used. The Qi-Shield is coated with a diffusion-open lacquer so that the surface is not isolated (this is because it is beneficial for your skin to directly touch the copper due to its antimicrobial properties). When your skin touches the Qi-Shield the lines will develop overtime. This has no negative impact on the functioning of the device.

Qi Devices can be dusted with a dry or slightly damp microfiber cloth, but this should just be pure water (no cleaning sprays). You can polish the wood, and we would always recommend a gentle and natural polish, like pure beeswax. Over time, the copper may develop faint lines - the alloy uses a diffusion-open lacquer so that the surface is exposed, ensuring the skin still makes direct contact with the copper. The surface may become discolored or such lines may appear, however this has no negative impact on the functioning of the device.

No, please do not take any Qi-Technologies® devices into any type of sauna. Qi-Technologies® devices are designed for temperatures up to 104° F, whereas saunas are typically much hotter than this.

The Qi-Shield, Qi-Home Cell and Qi-Max Cell can be exposed to temperatures down to 5° F. It is recommended that Qi-Technologies® devices be kept in temperatures between 41° F and 104° F. Falling below or exceeding this temperature range can lead to damage and thus impair the functionality. Strong fluctuations in humidity should also be avoided as both the lid and the base are made of wood, and humidity changes can cause cracks in the wood which will affect the aesthetic of the device (but will not affect the functionality).

Yes - Qi-Technologies® devices have no negative impact on babies or pregnant women.

For those with EHS, we would recommend the Qi-Shield for protection whilst you’re on-the-go, and the Qi-Home Cell or Qi-Max Cell for protection in your home, depending on the size of your home. You can read more about which device to choose on our website.

Waveguard devices have a copper and wood exterior, and inside is a proprietary liquid called Qi-liquid that has been proven to have the ability to depolarize man-made EMFs in our environment.