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NOA|AON Continuous Protection Policy

Started on June 18, 2024

This policy allows any customer who has purchased a Waveguard device directly from NOA|AON to trade in their old device to receive up to 30% back of what they paid for it as store credit. That credit expires after 1-year and is good to use towards any Waveguard product on noaaon.com of equal or greater retail value.

Summary Of How ToTrade-In Your Device:

A. Provide proof of purchase by emailing support@noaaon.com.

B. Product must still be in good condition to receive the full 30%.

C. Use your credit towards a new EMF protection device!

Full Policy Breakdown:

A. Provide proof of purchase. Email support@noaaon.com and you can forward your email receipt, image of the charge from your bank, or simply the order number showing it was purchased from NOA|AON. At least 3 years must have passed between the date of purchase and the trade in date.

B. Product must be received in good condition to receive the full 30%. Because these devices are used, we do not expect it to be perfect. You can still get the full store credit amount as long as the device is not broken. Some examples of damages that would decrease the trade-in value are:

  • Severe dents or cracks that deform the shape of the device
  • Broken or missing parts of device
  • Painted or colored devices

To avoid the time, energy, and resources it takes to ship it back to us, instead you can simply send a video of your proof of condition. This must include the full device, rotating to see all angles, and flipping upside down, with sound on. Please note timestamps will be checked and an old video will not be accepted.

C. Use your credit toward a new Waveguard device!
Once your trade-in is received, you will receive the store credit within 15 business days. The one-time use code will be emailed to you and is only valid on www.noaaon.com towards any Waveguard device of equal or greater retail value of the device traded in. It expires after 1 year and cannot be combined with other coupons

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