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The NeuroVizr® LED panel produces three simultaneous dimensions of light messaging to create a powerful and a mesmerizing experience. MACRO patterning, MESO body pulsing and cascades of MICRO flickering produce a satisfying First Language brain interaction. Use comfortable high quality headphones. See User Guide video to learn how to set the NeuroVizr® up or download the instructions.


NeuroVizr® uses advanced technology to enhance brain function through neuroplasticity, sensory enrichment, and brain engagement. Here’s how it works:

Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to change and adapt. NeuroVizr® uses light and sound to stimulate your brain, encouraging it to form new connections, improving learning, memory, and overall brain health. Sensory enrichment involves giving your brain new and interesting experiences. NeuroVizr® combines light and sound in unique ways to keep your brain engaged and responsive. By using dynamic and novel stimuli, NeuroVizr® keeps your brain interested and active, promoting positive changes.

NeuroVizr® uses three levels of light signalingMACRO (large patterns), MESO (body rhythms), and MICRO (fine-tuning). These signals work together to create a rich and engaging visual experience that effectively stimulates your brain. Different brain waves are associated with different states of mind (relaxation, focus). NeuroVizr® uses these frequencies to guide your brain into the desired state. It is based on modern neuroscience theories that promote brain flexibility and problem-solving, encouraging the brain to form new, healthier patterns.

NeuroVizr® enhances traditional therapies, using light stimulation to improve conditions like trauma and anxiety. An entirely original Light Composer software was created for NeuroVizr®, shaping light similar to how a synthesizer shapes sound. By combining three levels of light signaling (MACRO, MESO, MICRO), NeuroVizr®creates a unique and vibrant visual messaging experience, much like combining musical instruments into a jazz ensemble.

The NeuroVizr® headset’s LEDs are designed for optimal MACRO pattern stimulation of the nervous system. Unlike conventional devices, NeuroVizr®’s LEDs are placed away from the eyes, matching the average human visual field. This design influences the autonomic nervous system, affecting functions like memory and imagination. The NeuroVizr® uses three integrated light signals: MACRO (general patterns), MESO (pulsing rates resonating with body rhythms), and MICRO (high-frequency flickering). These signals enhance brain messaging and neuroplastic responses.


To use the NeuroVizr®, you will need to download our NeuroVizr® App to get access to our library of journeys

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