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Vizr - Brain Wellness & Relaxation Device ( Free Trial )
Vizr - Brain Wellness & Relaxation Device ( Free Trial )
Vizr - Brain Wellness & Relaxation Device ( Free Trial )
Vizr - Brain Wellness & Relaxation Device ( Free Trial )
Vizr - Brain Wellness & Relaxation Device ( Free Trial )
Vizr - Brain Wellness & Relaxation Device ( Free Trial )
Vizr - Brain Wellness & Relaxation Device ( Free Trial )
Vizr - Brain Wellness & Relaxation Device ( Free Trial )
Vizr - Brain Wellness & Relaxation Device ( Free Trial )
Vizr - Brain Wellness & Relaxation Device ( Free Trial )

Vizr - Brain Wellness & Relaxation Device ( Free Trial )


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Included in the package

  • VIZR lightbox + headgear
  • Portable carry bag
  • Neurovizr app with 22 light journey included
  • 1 month free of premium subscription with additional content
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • 2 year warranty

Note: USB C charger not included

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Introducing VIZR®, the innovative brain engagement device that allows you to embark on a mesmerizing journey into your own mind. With VIZR®, you'll unlock the vivid wonders of your inner world, as unique as the Northern Lights, guided by your most personal designer - your own brain. Crafted with sleek modern design, VIZR® is not just a portable companion; it's a glimpse into the future of technology and personal transformation. Through a patented light device calibrated to your environment, it's gentle on your eyes and syncs seamlessly with any headphones, making every session a true sensory delight. While you explore, VIZR® subtly disguises brain exercise as entertainment, nurturing your brain's neuroplasticity and potential. Based on decades of research, it harnesses the power of the "Frequency Following Response" and merges it with cutting-edge technology, all choreographed to lead your brain towards positive change. Experience the future of cognitive exploration and unleash your mind's luminous potential and illuminate the path to a brighter tomorrow.



✔️ Brain Exploration: Dive into the wonders of your own mind and explore unique visual and structural experiences created by your brain

✔️ Brain Exercise: Disguises brain exercises as entertainment, promoting neuroplasticity and cognitive enhancement

✔️ Compatibility: Works seamlessly with the NeuroVizr® app for enhanced brain engagement

✔️ Sleek Design: Modern, user-friendly design that's aesthetically pleasing and easy to use

✔️ Adjustable Intensity: The patented VIZR™ light device's intensity can be calibrated to suit your environment, ensuring a comfortable experience

✔️ Light and Sound Engagement: Utilizes flickering light and rhythmic sounds to synchronize the brain's neural activity with external patterns

✔️ Mind-Body Connection: Encourages the brain to explore new neural pathways, fostering creativity, relaxation, and mindfulness



Vizr LED Panel

The NeuroVizr LED panel produces three simultaneous dimensions of light messaging to create a powerful and a mesmerizing experience. MACRO patterning, MESO body pulsing and cascades of MICRO flickering produce a satisfying First Language brain interaction.

NeuroVizr App

Paired with the VIZR™, the NeuroVizr® app delivers a unique blend of brain exercise wrapped in captivating entertainment. Using innovative light and sound experiences, it’s more than a leisurely distraction—it’s a gateway to enhanced cognitive function.

Setting itself apart, NeuroVizr® introduces “Brain Engagement,” a fresh approach to neuroplasticity. Unlike traditional Brain Entrainment, which syncs the brain to repetitive signals, Brain Engagement provides dynamic information, priming the brain for adaptability and prediction. It’s a cutting-edge step forward in brain technology, merging entertainment with cognitive growth.

Mind States

These sessions are intentionally designed with a specific theme, purpose, or intent. They can serve as “Help Right Now” stimulation to generate positive short-term Mind STATES while also establishing a solid foundation for positive long-term Mind TRAITS through neuroplastic changes in the brain.

These sessions are designed to coax your brain into certain “Probability States” of mind.Think of the experiences as “brain exercise disguised as entertainment.” To get the most benefit, do some of the Guided Breathing both before and after the Light/Sound experience.Like any exercise, some regularity generates the best results.

Our brain is physical just as our entire body. In a way, it is strange to discuss the brain as though it is separate from the soma/body. So much of what we know about the wellness of our soma/body also applies to our brain. Our soma needs a variety of activities in order to perform at a higher level of efficiency. So does our brain.

To keep it simple, let’s consider the brain and mind to be a unified expression. Different brain states and different mind states have an intimate relationship. The sessions found in the Mind States Collection explore this relationship with experiences of integrated light and sound brain signaling. Each session is designed with a particular intent, theme or purpose (technically called a “vector”). Consider a simple analogy – a musician decides to compose an instrumental song – no lyrics, not even a title. The musician has a certain “intention” as to what sort of feeling he/she wants to express – perhaps sadness. The listener, when hearing the song (without any explanation from the musician) will likely have the “feeling” or emotion of sadness or grief grow as they listen to the “sad song.” Technically, this sad song is just a collection of notes, rhythms, pitches, timbres and so on – yet it can successfully conjure up a “feeling state” that is not the result of thinking or ideas.

There no guarantee that the listener will experience “sadness” but it is very “probable” that they will do so. This principle is true of all of the sessions in the Mind States Collection. Each session is built upon neurological light/sound signaling that has the ability to generate “probability states”. These experiences will cause a short term and temporary Mind STATE. Over time and if repeated, the brain will learn more how to rest in this STATE and slowly begin to create a long term and learned Mind TRAIT. as a result of actual neuroplastic change in the brain. So, the sessions in Mind States can be used as “Help Right Now” stimulation for positive short term Mind STATES as well as laying the foundation for positive long term Mind TRAITS.

1) How do I know which session to use?

Understandably, the menu of Mind State sessions can look like a box of assorted chocolates (personally, I don’t like the coconut ones). You will notice that the sessions are divided into “themes.” Start there. You can be attracted by a need you have or simply what looks interesting. Other than the theme category, the actual session name and little description is pretty helpful in making a choice. Keep in mind that all the Mind States sessions are offered in two versions – the Standard and the Lite. The Lite version is similar in effects to the Standard version but the challenge aspect is toned down to make for an easier “ride” for some users. All good.

2) Is the experience the same for every person?

It is good to consider the “probability state” concept. For example, you watch a comedy movie and have a big laugh. For you, it is very humorous, even hilarious so you recommend it to a friend. There is no guarantee they will find it as funny as you – there is just a “probability” of a similar response. Even for you, the same movie may not be as funny again because it also depends on your mood at the time.

3) I felt kind of dizzy at the end of the session. Is that OK?

The light/sound experience takes place within your brain which is a big difference from our normal open eyes and ears sensory habits. When the light/sound ends is actually the beginning of an important phase of neurological integration. Please give your brain a little time to begin to “digest” this dynamic information. Including some Guided Breathing at the end of the light/sound is a huge benefit as well. If no breathing, simply give time to feel your entire body and let your awareness merge with all the body sensations. The main reason for dizziness is rushing out of the light/sound experience too quickly.

Light & Sound Composer

 Because light-based brain signaling has never been done like this before, an entirely original and unique Light Composer software had to be created. Crafting three layers (MACRO, MESO, MICRO) of light messaging has moved us closer and closer to shaping light in a manner similar to how a synthesizer shapes sound.”

NeuroVizr™ Hardware

The physical design of the LEDs maximizes the optometric requirements for a unique type of MACRO pattern stimulation of the central and autonomic nervous systems. When inspecting the NeuroVizr™ hardware headset, it is immediately obvious that the LEDs have a unique configuration and placement away from the eyes. The design is very much unlike conventional “Mind Machine” Brain Entrainment devices, both current and historically, that use goggles/eyeglass frames. This distinct design is an expression of highly specific optometric parameters required to successfully apply so-called MACRO stimulation patterns and movements of the LED light signaling. In simplicity, the horizontal and vertical (H/V) limits must match the H/V of the average human visual field and present a normative binocular vision spectrum. This same H/V parameter set is well-known in Virtual Reality devices and applications. These MACRO LED signal positions and movements are known to affect the autonomic nervous system in relation to either sympathetic excitation or parasympathetic sedation, as well as various cognitive functions such as memory and visual/auditory imagination.

NeuroVizr™ Triple Signal Dynamics

The NeuroVizr™ utilizes three integrated types of light signaling simultaneously, resulting in unusually rich and meaningful brain information messaging. The three are MACRO, MESO, and MICRO.

The MACRO signals involve specific LED activity in terms of various static positions on the LED template and various moving patterns. Such static/moving patterns have a generalized effect on the nervous system and create a foundational disposition in the neurological responses to the overall signaling.

The MESO signaling refers to an exceptional range of LED “pulsing” rates (to be distinguished from the MICRO “flickering” rates). Advancing neurological research increasingly recognizes that physiological oscillatory rates throughout the human body express themselves in rhythms that ideally constitute an overall “resonance.” Therefore, brain wave oscillations will exist in harmonic relationship to many more somatic oscillations throughout the soma or body. Heart rate, breathing rates, cerebral-spinal pulsations, peristaltic contractions, and so on seek resonance with the ideal goal of coherence. Think of MESO pulses as music rhythms you can dance to. Let’s face it; no one can dance to the “flicker” brain wave rates.

The MICRO LEDs also turn off and on (flicker) at rates within a second. These MICRO signals have fine-tuning effects on brain messaging. Microcontrollers can easily manage such rates, constituting the MICRO level of the NeuroVizr™ TRIPLE SIGNAL DYNAMICS. Such MICRO signaling has a compositional set point that enables different “strengths” in the flicker by adjusting the “duty cycle” of each flicker. Furthermore, series sequencing and four rates of change play a critical role in the effects of the MICRO flicker signals. The effects can be reasonably compared to the core significance of sound compositional structures common to all musical styles and genres.

Combining MACRO-MESO-MICRO- The ability to compose and adjust three distinct yet integrated levels of light signaling simultaneously yields a unique and vibrant visual messaging experience. Each group of light signaling is effective in its own right, so when combining them, the information output is drastically enhanced, much like combining three musical instruments into a jazz ensemble.





Each session brings forth vibrant visuals and structures, tailor-made by the most personal designer – your brain. Experience visions as unique as the Northern Lights. Your brain is the canvas, and every neuron is an artist.

Compatible with NeuroVizr® app


Light & Sound

Brain Engagement utilizes the brain's innate synchronization with external rhythms and sensory stimuli, aligning neural activity with flickering light and rhythmic sounds.

Body & Mind

VIZR™️ sessions stimulate neuroplasticity, like a brain massage, enhancing creativity, relaxation, and mindfulness through new neural pathways.


Based on the late 1930s discovery of 'Frequency Following Response,' Brain Engagement technology has evolved over 80 years to choreograph positive brain changes.


Whatever the state of your brain today, it can be better tomorrow. Today’s science shows that you can elevate your brain’s potential through enhanced neuroplasticity.


Each session employs neurological light and sound signals to create 'probability states,' inducing short-term, temporary mind states like peace, creativity, and concentration


The Brain Organizer section of Brain Gym utilizes cutting-edge neurological research to explore the frequency characteristics of our brain's main neural networks, each with specific functions and harmonic frequencies. These sessions aim to enhance healthy functioning in the targeted brain network.


Better Sleep sessions align with your Circadian Cycle, improving sleep patterns. Mornings optimize Circadian response to start your day, Afternoons reduce stress affecting sleep rhythms, and Evenings promote sleep induction.


In Drug-Free Microdosing, we create light and sound experiences akin to low-level psychedelics, serving as guides to stimulate your brain's growth and change potential.


Learn about the journey to invention of vizr in the words of inventor himself


learn more about our science

Sleek design, easy to use, and enhanced by the artistry of modern tech. More than just a portable, it’s a companion for those who dare to dream.

Patented light-device VIZR™’s intensity can be calibrated to suit the environment. Gentle on the eyes and compatible with any headphones.

Know more

VIZR Explained from the Founder


Paired with VIZR™, the NeuroVizr® app offers brain exercise within captivating entertainment. Through innovative light and sound experiences, it goes beyond leisure to enhance cognitive function.

Distinguishing itself, NeuroVizr® introduces 'Brain Engagement,' a novel approach to neuroplasticity. Unlike traditional Brain Entrainment, it delivers dynamic information, preparing the brain for adaptability and prediction. This marks a cutting-edge fusion of entertainment and cognitive growth in brain technology."

Neurovizr app with 22 light journeys included with purchase

Get 1 month free Premium Subscription with additional content $10.99/month


Get 30 days neurovizr™ subscription complimentary for better sleep, mind states, brain gym and more, with your vizr™ purchase.

30 Day
Free Trial
Buy Now, Pay Later
2 Year Warranty


How Long and How Often should I use NeuroVizr™ ?

Pretty much all the things you know about your body in general also apply to your brain. That should be no surprise because your body is your brain, your brain is your body. The idea of separating them is rather abstract. First of all, every NeuroVizr™ experience (called a “composition”) is 11 minutes long. That time is standard and totally sufficient for a good effect. You don’t have to set any timer. It will stop by itself. This amount of time is chosen because your brain can maintain good quality attention for an average of 10 to 12 minutes. In order to trigger a “neuroplastic” effect in the brain, there must be “attention without tension”.

Also, just like your body, this light/sound brain enrichment exercise will have good effects if you do it on a reasonably regular basis such as 3 to 5 times a week. Less than this is likely to not be enough reinforcement to build up the benefits. Also, like body exercise, what you do outside your sessions as a lifestyle makes a big difference. For example, imagine you are doing some focused aerobic exercise four times a week (that’s great) but when at the mall or airport you have a choice of walking the stairways or riding the escalator, you choose the escalator…you may be missing the point. So, engaging your brain with positive activity during the week will give you the best progress with the NeuroVizr™

Can I do a few sessions in a row ?

Yes, but because we are all different, you have to consider how much stimulation is comfortable for you. Remember that the real  effect begins when the light and sound end. We call this period the integration Brain Time. Consider the deep effect of combining Guided Breathing as a part of the session. but you can combine a few sessions in a row, with or without breathing in between.

What About The Session Itself?

As we said before, it is pretty straightforward. Relax, pay attention and enjoy. Adjust the general levels of light intensity and sound to your comfort. It’s a little like listening to common music. Although the song will have varying levels of sound, you can adjust the general volume to the “just right level” however there is something important about your brain you should know. In order to get positive “neuroplastic” change, along with “attention without tension”, you also must have just a bit of challenge or demand. Not too much, mind you, but just a bit. Think of body exercise like lifting weights in strength training. If the weight is totally comfortable, you will not expect any progress. Just a little beyond total comfort is all it takes to trigger new muscle growth. It’s pretty much the same with your brain.

This is why mixed into the NeuroVizr™ light/sound stimulation, you will notice short periods of higher signal demands. Some people like to sit up as in meditation. Others lean back in their lounge chair. Others even like to lay down on their couch or bed. It is up to you, however, do remember that the positive “neuroplastic” brain changes do require conscious attention for the trigger. Let’s be honest, it is easier to space out or even nod off when leaning back or laying back. The style is up to you. Doing a NeuroVizr™ session when fatigued or sleepy will probably not give you the benefits you seek. It is just common sense that attention will fade. Nothing bad will happen of course. You just miss out on much of the effect.

Which Session should I choose?

The NeuroVizr™ comes with a list of Themes from which to choose. The Themes give a range of choices that represent a spectrum of interests ranging from simple relaxation all the way to exciting exploration. The names are somewhat poetic and are reasonable in describing their intent. For new inexperienced users, the #1 ranking (less neuroplastic demand) can be a good choice. If you decide on a certain more determined program, it is good to use the same composition repeatedly for a period of time. It is also OK to choose one or two others that have a similar goal or theme. Again, use your common sense and think of it in terms of the principles known in body exercise

What kind of effects should I expect?

There are two basic ways to consider the NeuroVizr™ experience, short-term and long-term. A short-term perspective could be called “Help Right Now”. The benefit is a rapid shift in mood or your state of consciousness. This short-term effect is related to your “state”. The long-term perspective involves time and could be called “Brain Shaping”. The long-term effect is related to your “trait”. The NeuroVizr™ light/sound experience does not force or command your brain into change. The compositions will coax your brain into “probability states” that can lead to new “learning” and brain adaptation. Again, think in terms of body exercise. A good walk, some yoga, or a visit to the gym can shift a short-term “state”. If you want to really shape your body in new ways and “traits”, regularity and reinforcements will do the job.

What about Brain Prime / Brain Time ?

With brain engagement, we try to set the stage for brain change. We will describe this process with two interrelated terms: Brain Prime and Brain Time.

First we try to prime the brain so as to make it susceptible to change. We try to get the brain in a certain probability state. That means a state where there is a greater probability of change. You cannot guarantee that the brain will do anything, but attempt to give it the best possible chance of getting into a state of heightened neuroplasticity.

When Brain Prime ends, when we have gotten the brain into this probability state, Brain Time begins. Technically, this is a period of hyper plasticity. A 1 or 2 hour time period where your brain could be in a hypersensitive receptive state more than usual. This is the perfect opportunity for change as you went from secondary consciousness to primary consciousness, through the use of the NeuroVizr, and back again. So you were exposed to new information and now secondary consciousness can integrate this new information to effect neuroplastic change.

Is NeuroVizr™ safe for me ?

For 99.9% percent of the general population, the NeuroVizr™ is safe and will do no harm. It is well known that persons suffering from epilepsy and seizures of any kind should not be exposed to repetitive sensory stimulation because it may trigger a seizure. This is true of flickering light sources such as the NeuroVizr™ and the entire class of “Mind Machines” first produced in the 1980’s. Other sources such as concert lasers, disco balls, fireworks, video games, VR experiences, and surprisingly even repetitive patterns such as stairways and escalators may trigger seizures.

From a stand point of conservative safety, the NeuroVizr™ has three light sensitivity tests that may be used by first time user. The tests are 15 seconds and 30 seconds long with a range of stimulation. The 3 minutes ON/OFF test is a more technical stimulation use in the medical industry. They exist with Light-only stimulation and NO sound. These are simple ways of evaluating a person’s potential reaction to such a light experience. These tests are simple, fast, and effective for making a general assessment. These tests are not medical exams nor do they attempt any diagnosis or treatment and cannot guarantee absolute safety in the case of unknown risk.

Lastly, some individuals who are light sensitive in general or have a low tolerance for any kind of stimulation may experience a temporary mild headache, temporary dizziness or temporary fatigue following a NeuroVizr™ experience. If so, consider using lower levels of light intensity and sound volume as well as less complex NeuroVizr™ compositions. You will notice that every NeuroVizr™ composition is ranked as 1, 2 or 3. This ranking relates to the general level of “neuroplastic demand” of the composition. Basically, the higher the number, the more complex the stimulation and therefore the greater the sensory demand.

Can a child use NeuroVizr ?

Because children are sensitive and legally are minors, using the NeuroVizr™️ on persons under 18 years old is discouraged by Brain Prime Technology.

Brain Prime Technology opposes using the NeuroVizr™️ on individuals under the age of 18. Children are particularly vulnerable and legally considered minors, and therefore, it is imperative that the device is used only by adults who are 18 years or older.

The NeuroVizr™️ is intended for use ONLY by adults 18 years or older. Any person using the device for persons under the age of 18 years old must assume full responsibility.

The NeuroVizr™ is intended for use by adults 18 years or older. Any person using the device for persons under the age of 18 years old must assume full responsibility.

Can I use NeuroVizr™ if I am diagnosed with epilepsy or any seizure disorder ?

No, do not use if you are diagnosed with epilepsy or any other seizure disorder.

Is it dangerous to open the eyes during the sessions? Are LED lights harmful for my eyes?

Do not look at flashing LEDs with open eyes – always use with closed eyes. Any exposure to sustained bright light can create irritation or discomfort.

I am suffering from headaches, dizziness and fatigue after a session, is this normal?

The NeuroVizr™ may induce short-term headaches, dizziness, and fatigue in some individuals. Use lower level general light intensity settings and reduce. Doing a NeuroVizr™ session when fatigued or sleepy will probably not give you the benefits you seek. It is just common sense that attention will fade.

Can I use NeuroVizr™ if I have drunk alcohol or had drugs ?

Alcohol or strong drugs can negatively impact your experience with the NeuroVizr.

Can the NeuroVizr™ damage my brain ?

The flickering light and pulsed sounds have been used in the consumer market for over 40 years. There is no evidence that the brain is damaged by these types of signals.

Can I use the NeuroVizr™ with other music?

Yes of course, however the soundscapes have embedded brain signals that are directly integrated into the light signals. Our brain naturally looks for structured patterns and other music can easily distract the brain away from the light signaling.

What level of Light Intensity should I use?

The levels are from 1 to 10 and you could consider level 5 as an average for most people. Naturally, some people will prefer a lower or higher Light Intensity setting. The level of ambient light in your room will have an effect on how bright the NeuroVizr™ seems to you.

Is there any research to support the NeuroVizr™?

We are currently engaged in early dedicated studies. The processes in the NeuroVizr™ are built upon several pre-existing scientific concepts. These concepts go back as far as 60 years of research and include new advanced studies over the past few years.

How do I know if my Neurovizr™ is charged ?

  • 9 LEDs / 3 rows means Fully Charged,
  • 6 LEDs / 2 rows means 60 % Charged,
  • 3 LEDs / 1 row means 30 % Charged.
  • No LEDs means that you need to charge the NeuroVizr(TM) for 2 hours

My NeuroVizr™ device do not charge anymore.

The NeuroVizr™ is rated for continuous operation. The device can be used while charging. Charge time from empty to full is 2 hours.

The NeuroVizr™ can be taken on a plane, either in carryon or checked luggage.

Do not attempt to change the Li-ion rechargeable batteries. Doing this may result in a hazard. Typical Li-ion battery life is 600+ cycles. Battery pack replacements are available. Please contact our customer service at customer@neurovizr.com

How can I clean my NeuroVizr™?

The NeuroVizr™ should be stored in the provided case when not in use to prevent dust and debris getting inside the device.

Clean your NeuroVizr™ when the main power is off. It is only necessary to clean the device if it becomes soiled. The headset can be cleaned with a damp cloth using water or alcohol wipes.

Use of other cleaning solutions may damage the housing. Never spray cleaners directly on the device.

CAUTION: Do not use cleaning products that contain ethyl alcohol and/or ammonium chloride. These chemicals may cause cracking of the plastics Using unapproved cleaning agents will void the manufacturer's warranty

Is my NeuroVizr™ still under Warranty ?

The two (2) year warranty covers any defects in workmanship or in materials under normal use during the warranty period. Brain Prime Technology (the Company) will repair or replace, at no charge, the product or parts of the product that prove defective because of improper material or workmanship, under normal use and maintenance.

Accessories or consumables are excluded from this warranty. Excluded items are listed as follows: carrying cases, USB-C cables, etc. To obtain this service, you must first contact us by email at support@neurovizr.com to determine the problem and the most appropriate solution.

Please note that in order to proceed with a warranty service request, you will be instructed to perform a certain number of troubleshooting tasks by our service team.

We will either repair or replace the product at no charge. Once troubleshooting tasks have been performed and our service team has determined that the failure is covered by the warranty, we will arrange for our courier to pick up the product or we may decide to send you a replacement unit instead.

During the first 30 days after the purchase date, the Company will cover all shipping costs. After 30 days from the purchase date, the customer will be responsible for all shipping costs. The warranty period for all Brain Prime Technology's products starts from the date of purchase. Any replacement product or product part assumes the remaining warranty of the original product. The limited warranty cannot be transferred.

Is my NeuroVizr™ App up to date?

The NeuroVizr™ App is available in either Apple iOS or Android. Both versions are still being improved with new features – Please allow the auto-update feature to keep access to the evolving NeuroVizr™ app features.

How much does the app cost after my free trial ends?

There are 22 free light journeys that can always be played on the app. The premium subscription is $10.99/month and includes an extra 61 journeys to choose from.

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